Tuesday, February 07, 2012

VD Advice

Jilda's Valentine's gift came by mail today and I'm 100% sure that she will love it. I stopped playing the percentages years ago. Life is too short to eat Kibbles and Bits.

I latched onto a method of getting her gifts that is failsafe. I hand her my American Express card and tell her to buy something she really wants.

Some guys might think this is playing loosey-goosey with my plastic, but we have rule. She spends on me what I spend on her.

So she knows if she goes over board on herself, she might have to work overtime to earn enough dough to buy my gift. I'm telling you it's genius.

If any guys are reading this blog before Valentines Day you should know umbrellas or any kind of kitchen appliance is not an appropriate Valentines Day gift. I'd steer clear of gym memberships, and weight loss gift certificates too. That screams HONEY I'D LOVE YOU MORE IF YOU DROPPED 20 POUNDS. If you do these things, you're dancing with the devil. This is experience talking here. 

Now the only thing left is to find a really cool card. I've spoiled my spouse a little because for years when I worked a day gig, I had a little place near where I worked that had killer cards.

But apparently not enough people shopped there so they went out of business. So this year I'm on a quest to find a card you can't buy at Walmart. I need one that says, "Honey, you're the reason I breathe."

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.


  1. Forget the card and write her a Love Letter - she'll love it.
    If you want to show off you can make it rhyme. Just sayin. . .

  2. Definitely a romantic poem. Much better than a card. When I saw this post was called VD Advice, I thought you were going to write about STDs. Dr. X could have used you as an adviser and still could. He called me a blob last week. Now, is that any way to speak to your ex-wife? What's the point? I think you'd better straighten him out.

    Janie Junebug

  3. I like, "Honey, you're the reason I breathe." Very romantic. I guess you could print off a picture of the both of you and make a card.

  4. I think you just created your card...go print out what you just said...

  5. VD advice. I saw the blog post heading and nearly spat my coffee out! LOL!!

    You meant Valentine's Day!! Of course you did! My mind is just warped!! LOL!

    p.s. I think a song for lovely Jilda will be wonderful!

    Take care

  6. At first I thought we were going to get some medical advice from this post...then I realized that we were getting some "heart" advice! You should make your own card because you have the gift to say what you mean and make it special...use those silly conversation hearts if you have too!

  7. You could use one of Jilda's blank cards and create your own design and message. Try it. You may find a hidden talent.

  8. I too thought you were going to give us a tip on how to avoid VD. hahaha. Great post. Jilda is a lucky lady.

  9. Go to the Post Boxes places--there are some great home-made cards there.
    Another idea: invest in spa certificates.
    I enjoy your site. I will be back!


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