Monday, February 06, 2012

When You're Tired

Today was a long day. I could go into details, but I'd bore you to tears, much like I bored Jilda on the way home from yoga tonight.

We learned when we took her Volvo in for servicing this past week that the head gasket was leaking just a little which caused the engine to leak a little oil and water. I told her we'd need to take it in soon for repairs.

She was whupped but to keep the conversation alive, she asked what replacing the head gasket entailed.

As I drove I went into detail about how they'd have to remove the head and send it to a machine shop and the machinist would then shave a little off the head to make sure it was perfectly flat so that they new gasket wouldn't leak when it was installed.

I glanced over and the lights from the dash cast just enough greenish light to make her look like an alien. 

As I droned on she yawned. I'm not talking about one of those quick yawns where she covers her mouth with her hand to keep from being rude, but a yawn so big that you could almost hear her jaw muscles stretching. 

I'm guessing the words were sliding through one ear and out the other. If I'd leaned over and blown in her ear, I'm sure it would have whistled.

I said to her, so I guess you'd rather not hear about the fuel system and the hydraulics tonight. She laughed so hard that she snorted, and so did I.
We do that sometimes when we're really tired.


  1. It is kind of fun when you are so tired everything is funny. I'm afraid I zone out on car repairs and how computers work. Good night, Rick.

  2. Only two people who love each other and are truly comfortable together can enjoy "snorting" together. :)

    Good for both of you!

  3. I agree with Marsha...what a great love when you can snort with humor and happiness...AND be tired!

  4. You and Jilda make wonderful music together! Yay! Take care

  5. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Now my day is complete I have laughed my side to an ache...this is funny Life 101.....ROFL...I'm still giggling...

  6. Thanks y'all. I think I'm going to expand this one into my column for Sunday's paper.

  7. I call that being "slap happy". It can be fun to be in that mode once in awhile. Not when you're behind the wheel though!

  8. I wish I had someone to snort with.



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