Thursday, February 23, 2012

World Keeps Spinning Around

Jilda and I wrote a song many years ago about the senselessness of war and injustice. The title is The World Keeps Spinning Around.  
I know it's kind of a heavy topic for Thursday evening, but sitting here tonight it occured to me that we could keep the title and change the lyrics, and they would apply to many situations.
Whether you've just won the national championship, hit the lottery, lost your job, or lost your mother, the world keeps spinning around.
Grasping this simple truth can be sad, but it can also is hopeful.  In one sense, how do things keep moving right along after losing someone you love. But in another sense, there's comfort in knowing that things will not always remain the same -- the world keeps spinning around.
I feel badly that all my posts the past week have been about navigating through rough shoals of my life, but then the title is Life 101. 
I've experienced a great deal of joy and happiness in my life. It would be easy to think that maybe I've had too much good fortune. 
I choose to believe that there's a great deal of joy to be had by everyone, but sometimes we don't recognize and/or acknowledge it. 
But to experience joy, there is a price. The price is that sometimes things happen in your life that make you sad. I know it's a cliche, but I think it's true that you can't enjoy the highs, if you've never been low.
This much I know is true, whether I'm right or wrong,  the world keeps spinning around.


  1. Anonymous9:05 PM

    sharing the unhappy and the happy what is more Life 101 than that! how would we ever recognize happy if we'd never been sad. of course I'm a great one to talk...I'm still having times when it socks me in the gut that Don is in "not coming back." he had so many health issues from when I first met him...we knew it was always a possibility! BUT I guess I hoped it would just roll on forever! please understand I know about grief but I don't know about losing your Mother...that's personal to you! hugs to you and your family!

  2. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I believe everything on this planet has always been here and will always be here..nothing ever goes away, it just changes form and function every so often...More of that feeling of "always".

  3. Rick, My sincere condolences to you and Jilda.

    Your mom must have been a wonderful mother - she raised you.

    Your blog friends are holding you and your family in our thoughts and prayers this week.

    And yes, the world spins on, despite our sorrow or joy.

  4. Rick...when I saw the post title I knew just what you would be writing about. I first experienced that feeling when my Grandmother passed away. She lived one house away from me and had been very important and close to us. I was devastated and lost and probably very immature as I was angry then at how the world WAS still spinning. I wanted it to stop and everyone to take notice that this very special lady was no longer amongst us. I've experienced enough loss of very dear and close family now to not be angry that life is like that, but it still gives me a gut check when I notice the world is still spinning.
    Healing and loving prayers to you and yours on the wings of Angels...

  5. It is sometimes difficult to accept how the world keeps spinning when our world has stopped. Like Sush, I used to rail against the way things are, but that is a road leading nowhere. Even now, after 40 years I think, "My brother would have loved this..." It is hard to think of the world without him and my grandson in it.

    I pray you will have peace and comfort from God.

  6. These days are yours for the spinning around...until you can absorb your grief and move forward again in a straight line.

  7. Awww Rick. You've just lost your mum and were with her throughout. It's a tough time for you all. Big hugs, take care

  8. Yep. Life goes on regardless.

  9. I know what you are saying, Rick. I think of sunrises after a loved one dies, the sun is still going to rise. We still can't help but wonder how it can shine when we are in such pain.

  10. I used to be so sad when someone I loved passed away and it didn't seem right that the world just moved forward. Then I thought that when I die I wouldn't want anyone to be sad or mad or not move forward and enjoy this life. We'll all meet again and I want to hear some great fun stories!


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