Thursday, February 09, 2012

Life is Short

I went into the office for a staff meeting today. My boss asked if I'd like to go to a luncheon at The Club after the meeting. It's a private club in Birmingham perched on the crest of Red Mountain and it's visible when you're driving into the city from the north, east, or west.

It's been years since I've been to The Club, so a visit to the top of the city on a beautiful day 
sounded just fine to me.

A lot of times when you go to these functions, the food is only slightly better than what's served in prisions, and those belly up to the bar all-you-can-eat places. But the food at The Club tasted good to me today. 

They have orange rolls that were very good. There were a couple of empty chairs at our table and I was tempted to put the orange rolls in my pocket and take them home to Jilda, but I had several afternoon appointments so I left them on the table.

I know I probably looked like a hillbilly (there's that word again) that doesn't get out a lot, but I walked out on the patio and shot this self portrait with the city in the background.

I couldn't care less what someone thought because I've become shameless when trying to get a good photo for my blog. 

It's funny, because I've reached a point in my life where I don't spend much time worrying what people think about me. That has not always been the case, but the older I get, the less I care.

Life is too short to pass up the good stuff because you're afraid of what someone might think.


  1. You are so right in your philosophy march to your own drummer!

  2. Totally in agreement. Lynda Bird Johnson once said something to the effect that when we are 20, we worry about what people think us us. When we are 50, we realize that no one was ever thinking about us.

  3. Anonymous10:14 PM

    I think you have your head on perfectly straight sorry Jilda didn't get the rolls,, you need to carry a man purse, to bring the rolls home!

  4. It's nice to be old enough to do what you want and not feel embarrassed. My kids are embarrassed by me, but I'm not. I'm the most important person when it comes to me.


  5. I'm just learning that same thing myself. It's very freeing to not be embarrassed about things the way I was when I was younger. Totally true what Susan Kane said above: no one is ever really thinking about us - they are too busy worrying about themselves!

  6. 'Self' is more important that 'they'. I'm thinking, right now, in our advanced age, 'She' and 'Me' are the two most important words in the Southren language. Lisa and I live for ourselves. The rest of the world can come along if they want, if not, their loss.

    No, we weren't always self-centered. More self-conscious, and worried about what 'they' think.

    Walk on my Friend. Life is too short to worry about the small stuff anymore.

  7. Anonymous6:49 AM

    This is the second time in 24 hours I have read a post telling me that "life is short". Do you think the universe is trying to send me a message?

  8. You got that right.

  9. I think you look like Father Christmas! Take care

  10. Totall agree with you, nice post!

  11. AMEN! As long as I'm groomed I don't care what people think!!! I love that picture of you too.

  12. Bravo! And nice picture!

  13. Hi Rick

    That photo is sharp with an interesting background and I think you should put it up as your profile pic.

    Of course that is just my opinion and it doesn't mean it's right.....

    Ms Soup


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