Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moss on Meditation Rock

The wind out of the northeast was chilly this morning but the clouds moved out overnight and the sky was blue as the eyes of a Swede.
I put on my trusty fleece shirt, loosed the dogs and walked. The dogs love this weather. We were dog sitting for my niece. Lady looks like an Airedale. She's a mixed breed and her two brothers are short legged Beagle looking mutts, but Lady is as big as Caillou and she runs like a Greyhound. She spends most of her life in an invisible fence, so she was happy to be running with our dogs.
I don't always walk to Meditation Rock. The walk down there is easy because you have gravity working for you, but coming back is a different story -- 300 yards uphill.
The rain over the past few months has not been good for fishing, but the moss on Meditation Rock is thriving.
I love this place, because you rarely hear a manmade sound while you're there. You might hear doves, blue jays, crows, deer, or the wind blowing through the oak and pine, but these sounds are more like music to me.
Now that the weather is moderating, I plan to spend more time there and see if I can't find my balance again.
I hope you all have a remarkable week.


  1. Nothing more fun for dogs or their masters than a nice walk. Sounds like Meditation Rock is a pretty spot. Glad you enjoy this place with your friends.

  2. Our dog, Boudreaux, would love to be able to run free, at least on occasion, but we have learned the hard way that he only runs one way - "away". Guess it's the terrior in his soul...How fortunate you are to have a meditation rock.

  3. Anonymous10:48 PM

    a lovely place to "find your balance"...a hug, Theanne

  4. Being in nature is healing. God bless you as you seek balance and peace.

  5. Is that really the name of the rock? How lovely and so apt! Glad the doggies had a great walk too! Take care

  6. "Balance"

    An elusive thing to regain when it is lost. Takes time. I had a major change in my life this past winter and although I thought I had "sailed"right through it, I am still finding my way and we are heading into March.

    Wish I had a meditation rock!


  7. Just wanted to say I'm so sorry for your loss. Meditation Rock sounds like a perfect place to begin getting balance back in your life. Sending prayers and hugs to you and yours.

    Thoughts in Progress

  8. Hope your balance is quick to return. Enjoy the walks.

  9. This sounds like a perfect place for you right now, with perfect company.

  10. Even walking down is hard when you have to apply the brakes! lol sandie

  11. Even walking down is hard when you have to apply the brakes! lol sandie


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