Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lost and Found

It's been a long day but mama is hanging tough. A crew of grandkids and great grandkids came drifted in and out today.  In a day that had all the makings for a very sad and depressing, something remarkable happened.
Mother's sister-in-law Myrtle who is 81 and still works at the local thrift store came over to sit with us. She's done this every day that she's been off this week.
Myrtle is Jilda's favorite aunt from mother's side of the family because she has always been so kind to us.
A few days ago, Myrtle saw me fiddling with my iPhone and asked me if I could find the words to an old song that her husband (my mother's younger brother who is now deceased) used to sing.
I said let's give it a try. So she gave me a few of the lyrics to the song and I keyed them in the search window and a few seconds later a YouTube video of someone doing the song was playing on the screen.
She was delighted and said, you know, I think I need one of those smart phones.
Tonight as we all sat around she leaned over and asked if I could find a missing person with my iPhone.
Again, I said let's give it a try. Her brother died young of a heart attack and her sister-in-law had taken the children and moved to Oklahoma and then somewhere in Kansas.
She had not seen the nephews in 35 years but she always wonder about them and she lost touch with the sister-in-law.
I asked her for the name of her nephews. I called up the White Page app on my iPhone and keyed in the name and typed in Kansas. I asked her what city and she didn't know but said try Kansas City.
I typed it in and hit search and bang - one entry for the name popped up.
She gasped when I showed her the name and number. She said - I wonder if that's him?  I said, one way to find out so I touched the number on the screen and a second later the phone was ringing.
A man on the other end answered on the second ring and I asked if his name was Craig. He said it was and I asked him if his dad's name was Johnny. He said yes, but he's dead. I told Craig I had someone who wanted to talk to him and handed the phone to Aunt Myrtle.
A few minutes later it was obvious that she was talking to her long lost nephew. What's even more remarkable is the he didn't know the names of his grandparents on his father's side of the family or  know that he had living aunts and uncles. He was thrilled!
For a few moments, everyone in the room with us felt a little giddy. Aunt Myrtle found long lost nephews, and a long lost nephew got linked to a family that he did not know existed.
When Myrtle hung up the phone she stood crying with joy and hugged my neck. God had to have had a hand in that she said. After replaying the scenario in my head, I had to agree.

(I'm so tired I'm not proofing this, so please look over typos :))


  1. What an amazing story, ver nice. Must have been a touching moment. Do get some sleep, you must be exhausted!

  2. Anonymous6:08 AM

    That was an exciting moment for sure.

  3. Our family experienced a similar event about 5 years ago. My sister was bored at work and keyed in our our maiden name into Google Search. It was an unusual last name and on 800 hits came up. At the top of the list was our cousin's name - when she married, she kept her maiden name. We wondered as well. We hadn't seen that side of the family since we were children (more than 50 years ago). Our families split because of some long forgotten argument. My sister sent an email - carefully sharing a bit of information and asking could she be related our cousin.

    She quickly responded back - joyfully - that she was - and the rest has been the most wonderful period ever - we saw other family we remembered, We regularly make a point to visit and we are closer now than we were as children. We lost a lot of years, but we are making up for that now.

    Thanks for sharing that wonderful story.

    Retired Knitter

  4. That is wonderful... God is good Siir Rick!..


  5. Anonymous9:04 AM

    I'm crying too...this is what makes our technology so WONDERFUL! I'm so happy for your aunt, your family and you! Long lost relatives...fantastic!

    I found a cousin years ago by putting a message on a message board for Newcastle-on-Tyne UK. Learned so much from him about ancestors that no one in the family ever talked about...they were acrobats/comedians/vaudevillians! Apparently looked down on by some members of the family!

  6. That is so great!

  7. How wonderful! I'm very glad for her. I'm sure God did lead in that happening.

  8. Oh technology could be such a FORCE FOR GOOD!! Yay for lovely auntie Myrtle (gorgeous name!). So glad you were there to help her reconnect with her family!!

    Take care


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