Monday, July 01, 2013

Magical time

I walked outside class tonight to wait on Jilda who was catching up with a few of her students. Grey-blue clouds were stacked on the horizon like a pile of dirty dungarees.
As I stood there, the clouds slowly shifted and the sky turned rose as the sun sank lower.
I love that time of day…those few moments between daylight and the evening sky.
Author Carlos Castaneda called it a magical time. I tend to agree.


  1. It truly is a magical time... I love that time of day, it's so beautiful :)

  2. Yes it truly is a magical time. It goes by so fast .
    The world is magical. There is so much to see, learn and people are truly blessed with this so called gift of life we are given.

  3. Rick we have a lot in common...I find that to be the most relaxing time of day.

  4. Truly beautiful. For just a few moments, it makes everything in the world seem perfect.

  5. I love that time of day too and your sky looks magical. It looks like Firefox is on fire and is leaping in the sky. How nice to have captured this photo.


  6. Nice written and photographic images, Rick. Susan

  7. That's when I love to grab the camera and hope to capture that special moment in time...these days we're too cloud covered though! Send a nice sunset our way would 'ya!

  8. You've played with that photo!! You've played with it to great effect I have to say. Yes, I examine photos very closely.

    Ms Soup


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