Thursday, May 01, 2014


We have no water tonight. That's an issue. Our electricity is as fleeting as success, but through the years we've bought candles, battery powered lanterns, and other things that make life bearable without the lights, but not having water is tough.
We live in the country, and this perhaps is too much information, but when I have to go to the bathroom, I go out in the woods behind our house. But with Jilda, it's a different story. Something about hopping spiders, snakes, and redbugs as big as chihuahuas makes her hesitant to visit Mother Nature when nature calls.
So I have the water company on speed dial and I've been badgering them all evening. He keeps saying, every time I call, it lengthens the time we won't have water. I think I'm an aqua-hostage.
Here's a little word of advice to everyone ---- don't take your water for granted.


  1. We sorta need a like button! Good one!!!

  2. What amazes me about the utility companies is how fast they accept our money, but are so understaffed when any emergency arises. You would think someone would have a contingency plan for this sort of thing. I'm assuming from this piece, that other than utility problems, the two of you are okay and safe, so that's the main thing. Take care...hope you have water by the time you read this!

  3. Oh- I hear you. I'm with Jilda- We will wet out pants together rather than go in the woods to go! lol

  4. I know what it's like not having water and sure do appreciate water at the house.
    I must admit though, that I've gone in the woods many times!!


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