Friday, May 09, 2014

Fun Day

Our great nephew Jordan's teacher sent word to us that she wanted us to read for the kindergarten class today.
We've done this before and it's always a hoot. The kids are sooooo excited when they have visitors. Yesterday we went to the bookstore and browsed for a good book to read. Jilda found Pete the Cat, Rockin' in My School Shoes.
This morning I put on my guitar shirt, and my Converse Allstars. I packed up the guitar and we headed back to school.
We thought we'd be reading for Jordan's class of about 20 kids, but Ms. Bailey invited all five classes so when we started we had almost a hundred kids.
Halfway through the book when we got to Rockin' with my School shoes part, the kids were dancing in the isles. I wish someone had video'd taped it for us.
After the school, we headed in to Birmingham to meet Jilda's sister and our nieces for Mother's Day lunch.
It was a fun day. Tomorrow we play Art in the Park, but I have a feeling the audience won't be half as receptive when we play Rockin' With My School Shoes.

I snapped the photo on our screened porch as the sun began to set.


  1. I have never been invited to a school to read or do anything else. I suppose they're afraid I'll corrupt the children. And I would.


  2. That sounds like an amazing day! There's nothing like an engaged group of 5/6 year olds to charge up a room :)

  3. What wonderful way to spend your day! The little ones always brighten up my day...I love them and their no holds enthusiasm. You do know that enthusiasm is the greatest praise a child can give to an adult? You and Jilda were very lucky to share such a heartwarming experience!


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