Thursday, May 29, 2014


I borrowed an incubator from Jilda's sister in early May. It's an old one and the heat control is a little iffy.
I thought I had it regulated and I put a dozen of our eggs in. I bought a digital thermometer to make sure the readings were close.
Ideally the temp should remain between 99.5 and 100.5 for 21 days. After a few days when I checked the digital thermometer, the incubator was too hot. When I read about the process, some of the books said if it gets too hot, the eggs won't hatch. So after two days I replaced ten of the eggs and left two.
We kept our great nephew Jordan today and we heard something scratching in the incubator. When I peeped through the looking glass on top, a tiny chick not much bigger than a moth was stumbling around in the darkness. It was one from the first batch (The other one hatched out later in the evening.)
When I pulled the tiny chick out to put it in the makeshift brooder, Jordan was beside himself. I put a 100 watt mechanics light inside the box to keep the little one warm while we wait for the others to hatch. Jordan spent much of the afternoon looking through a tiny gap in the top of the box watching.
I had work to do, but every few minutes he'd run to me to give an update. I'm really glad the little chick chose today to make her debut for Jordan.
Our garlic also burst out today so it's been a day of discovery for Jordan.


  1. Children make everything seem so much more important and interesting as you see life through their eyes and hear the excitement they feel in their voices! I love them all!

  2. Jordan will always remember this. How wonderful that he was able to see the first few minutes of a new being's life. The enormity of that probably made his young eyes WIDE in wonderment. So awesome that he was able to share this memory with you Rick.

  3. Congratulations on hatching your chicken eggs. I'm glad that Jordan was there on that day. This will be etched in his memory for a very long time. Good luck with your chickens. they grow fast and this too will intrigue Jardan.

  4. That is so cool. I want a baby picture.



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