Friday, May 23, 2014

Never look a fortune cookie in the mouth

Yesterday I had an interesting experience. Jilda worked doing her yoga and meditation magic on her patients and I spent time on my history project. I'd been in the hot sun all afternoon and felt as wilted as a three-day-old corsage.
On the way home I realized she was probably wilted too, so instead of her having to come home and cook, I'd see if she was in the mood for some food.
As it turns out, she wanted take-out from our local Chinese restaurant. We've known the lady who owns the restaurant for many years.
As she clicked in the price of our dinners on the keys of a calculator with numbers worn off years ago, she paused for a moment to look up at me. "I loved your column in last weeks' paper," she said in broken English. "Sometimes I feel like you are writing about me."
I thanked her of course, but on the way home as the aroma of moo goo gai pan and steamed vegetables wafted up through the cab of my truck, what she'd said slowly seeped into my mind.
How is it possible that someone from a culture half a world away from rural Alabama can identify with something that I wrote? It's a mystery, but I never look a fortune cookie in the mouth.
I'm telling you, we live in an interesting place and time.


  1. How sweet is that Rick... I am always in awe when that happens to me too.. Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

  2. Rick, having followed your blog for over a year and a half now it does not surprise me at all that someone a half a world away identified with something you wrote. You're writing really does resonate with people because you write about things that anybody can relate to, the meaningful and deep things in life. Keep up the amazing writing sir. You are probably reaching more people than you'll ever realize.

  3. Morning, I believe we are all part of a much bigger plan and picture! We need each other to encourage and to help each other to see and hear!
    Have a great weekend! Like your Title of your Blog (Life 101)

  4. Anonymous11:48 AM

    People are all basically the same!!

  5. Beautiful. Savor it.


  6. It must mean that you are on the right tract Rick.


  7. Hello my friend!! I'd say it means you've got good writing skills! Hugs and hope you are doing well XX

  8. I realized that as well when we traveled to Europe several years back. People are the same all over the world. If we just take the time to stop and chat as we go, we find that everyone cries, laughs, suffers, only varies the actors on the stage from place to place and time to time.


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