Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring is a symphony

It's been an old rainy day here today. The first wave came through before first light and when I stepped out on the deck to dump coffee grounds, the plants seemed to be singing. I couldn't hear them but you know that look people get on their faces when they're singing? The plants had that look.....sort of.

After coffee when I walked down to the garden gate and looked over the fence, the tomatoes seemed to be singing along too. The squash and okra popped up just in time to sing the bassline.

We harvested a few ripe strawberries earlier in the week, but this morning they were hanging full. You guessed it, mezzo sopranos.

The pears and apples were singing off key of course, but their enthusiasm was so contagious, that it was hard to chide them.

I'm not sure I ever realized that spring is a symphony.

Honeysuckle Dreams


  1. A beautiful glorious symphony!

  2. I like it when I sing off key and no one gives me "THE LOOK". Let 'em sing, for sure!

  3. It's an amazing symphony indeed Rick. You can sometimes see so much happiness in the trees, plants, and flowers this time of year.

  4. Well I'll be darn.... I must listen a little more closely. I guess the birds are singing so much here that they make the plants grow fast. They seemed to have just grown over night. It's time I take a tour of my gardens to see what came up over night.

    Thanks for visiting my blog big guy and leaving a comment... I was beginning to think that you didn't associated with hookers. hahaha. I'm always running out of time unfortunately so I mostly comment on blogs who leaves comments and I haven't blogged much lately.

    All the Best to you and Jilda

  5. I can hear the symphony as far away as here ~~ lovely ~~ your honeysuckle capture is a symphony too!

  6. What a perfect way to describe Spring - love your honeysuckle ( need to plant some of that )
    Right now all I hear are the squirrels digging up the plants I just planted lol

  7. Lovely post, I can picture and hear it now! Sing on Spring, sing on!

  8. I love the smell of honeysuckle.

  9. Leave it to a "music" man to find the notes in the air! Since I haven't planted anything just yet it must be my dandelion and thistle crop making all that noise. Love your honeysuckle photo!

  10. We've been having some big storms. They've moved in and out all day. I like the way you find music.



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