Friday, May 02, 2014

Blue-sky day

It was a blue-sky day here in Empire. We had a rare weekend that was not stuffed with stuff to do, so we did routine things.
Jilda worked on her closet which can actually be a little scary at times, and I worked in the yard. There were leaves in the front flower beds that had fallen last autumn. I told Jilda I was letting them rot to fertilize the beds. It was worth a shot, but the notion didn't fly. I didn't expect it would but it gave me some time which actually served my purpose.
I hauled rotting leaves to the garden. I didn't weigh them, but my knees would testify on my behalf that it was at least a ton of organic matter. The tomatoes will rejoice. When I took a water break, I snapped a picture in the backyard of the sky.
This evening I sat on the back deck as the sun settled in the west. The sky was still incredible. Sitting there thinking about the meaning of life and sipping on a glass of Merlot, I realized that it had been a blue-sky day.


  1. Sounds like the kind of day I love...peaceful!

  2. A weekend that is not stuffed with stuff to do... I wonder where I can buy one of those.... Sometimes a blue sky is all we need. :)

  3. Beautiful! Love those days when you can pick and choose where and how to putter :-) A soothing read that made me smile

  4. A fitting way to end a routine day, albeit productive? Love the creative pic Rick.

  5. ...Nothing but blue skies/Do I see.


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