Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time well spent

The mercury danced with 90 today. What clouds were in the sky looked as if they'd been created by passing planes.

We kept our great nephew Jordan and he's entertained us. It was the first day of summer for him because his kindergarten classes ended.

When he arrived, I was sitting outside on a stone bench. He came running through the house and onto the deck with a smile almost as bright as the florescent orange tee shirt he wore.

As he scooted up next to me on the bench, I asked what we should do with this beautiful day.
Let's make sugar cookies! He said.
Yes. Let's. I agreed. What else?
We made a list.
1. Sugar cookies
2. Blow bubbles
3. Walk to the barn
4. Plant watermelons (I added this one)
5. Pick flowers and strawberries

That's a great list I told him...and both Jilda and I made sure we did them all and a lot more.
By the time he left this afternoon, Jilda and I both needed a nap.

Tonight I stepped out on the deck to toss grounds from the coffeemaker and I took a moment to enjoy the evening sky. The sun had slipped below the trees to the west, but still enough light to snap one last picture of the day.

I've come to understand that time spent with a child is time well spent.


  1. It sounds like the sweetest day Rick :-)

  2. Hello Rick, I laughed over you both needing a nap! But your day sounded wonderful and filled with sweet memories for your nephew. Hubby is working and we are looking forward to our vacation next month. We might need to add blowing bubbles to our list!
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. I agree that time with a child is well-spent indeed Rick. Every time I am around my niece and nephew I feel on top of the world afterwards. Their energy and enthusiasm is so infectious. Sounds like Jordan did the same for you and Jilda. And sugar cookies, c'mon that always makes for a helluva day :)

  4. I agree that time spend with a child is time well spend. I have countless hours spent with my children, and my grandchildren. They are the sunshine on a cloudy day and they keep you young for a long time and they also have ways to make sure that you take your nap. hahaha.

  5. Wow you are having summer already.
    What a great way to spend the day. : )

  6. The best of times are often those spent with a child. :-) I'll be seeing my grandkids this weekend and can't wait.

  7. Children make a day beautiful because their innocent and loving view of the world is contagious...and always a joy!


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