Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Planting flowers

Last year the flowers in our garden were stunning. They were perennials that had been coming back for years, but this past winter was brutal so this spring the flowers did not return.
Thankfully I got a lot of pictures to remember them by.
A few weeks ago I tilled up the plot and we planted a new crop. Late last week we saw them beginning to peek out. Maybe by mid June we'll have a stunning stand of daisies, old maids, and other assorted butterfly magnets.
I'll shoot some new pictures when they arrive, but I'll post a photo I shot last year to show you what we hope to get.


  1. Rick this reminds me of the saying, "better late than never" :) I hope that they sprout fully, even if they're fashionable late haha.

  2. Think of it as an opportunity to make changes in your flowerbeds. It's difficult to weed perennials when they get crowded so this is a great opportunity to start over. It will be better next year.


  3. Many of our flowering shrubs and plants bit the dust after our bad winter...too bad the mosquitoes managed to survive. I know you'll have a lovely garden again...You have a green thumb! I'll look forward to the pics!

  4. I love flowers...my lilacs are in bloom now! They look beautiful and smell great! Good luck with your flowers!


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