Sunday, May 04, 2014

Love what you do

This past winter was long and harsh. Normally there are days when the weather is mild enough to work outside, but that wasn't the case this year.

Things began to pile up and many of the routine tasks that we normally do, were left undone. This past week the weather has been phenomenal so we began to dig out.

Today we tackled our screened porch. It's where I write during spring and summer. Jilda and I often do morning coffee on the porch with soft music drifting from the speakers I installed out there.

Dust and pollen was so thick on the floor and furniture, that we could have grown peanuts.

We took the table, glider, chairs, and shelves off the porch and into the yard so that we could spray them off with a hosepipe.

Next we scrubbed the floors and swept the ceiling. There were spider webs in the corners that could easily have served as fishing nets.The webs were so big, it looked as if the builders could have been the size of gerbils.

When everything dried, we hauled the furniture back up.

Our friends Steve and Judy gave us a gift last year that we couldn't figure out where to hang.
As it turns out, the porch was the perfect place. This evening when we were winding down, Jilda snapped this picture of me in front of the sign enjoying a glass of sweet tea..

We wrote a song entitled Do What You Love, but the line goes:
Do What You Love, and Love What You Do. Our friends have a knack for choosing perfect gifts.
I can't wait to start writing on the porch.


  1. So true...because if you do you will never work another day in your life...doing what you love is never work!

  2. It's a great sign!! Yay for starting afresh with a clean palate - in this case a porch! Enjoy! take care

  3. Hopefully this weekend will be our porch cleanup. Yours sounds like a perfect work and relax spot. Enjoy!

  4. When you really think about it, a porch holds so many joys. It's where people sit, talk, drink lemonade, watch the kids play, enjoy the fireworks on the 4th of July, see the lightning bugs, view sunrises and sunsets, etc. Hope you have a wonderful 2014 on that porch Rick.

  5. I love porches. We don't have a screened in one but do have a front porch where I spend a lot of time once the weather warms up.


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