Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fun weekend

We had company coming today, so we spent a good bit of time this week sprucing the place up. On Friday we planted flowers and vegetables. We also repotted ferns. Our screened porch is like the perfect fern habitat. The fern Jilda is working with here is almost as big as she is.
Today we had a crew from Jilda's family come for lunch. There was a house full of kids so she cooked deviled eggs, and corn on the cob which are kid-pleasers.
We had smoked ham along with new potatoes with green beans, blackeyed peas, cornbread, sweet tea and lemonade.
She whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies for the kids. Jilda's sister Pat brought a lemon trifle which is one of my favorite desserts.
I hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. The meal sounds divine... I had a lovely relaxing weekend with a holiday tomorrow too :)

  2. What a fun gathering! Sounds like the ones we used to have at Jack's parent's place...His Mom was a Southern gal and really knew how to make sweet tea along with wonderful lemonade...and don't get me started about the blackeyed peas! Love the pic of Jilda with the fern. Glad it was a good weekend for you guys!

  3. THAT is a big fern! lol I love those wonderful family get-togethers. I can almost hear the laughter and contented sighs (after eating) from here. Blessings- xo Diana

  4. That sounds like an awesome country meal Rick. Gotta love smoked ham and new potatoes. And cookies always hit the spot :)

  5. Sounds like a feast fit for kings...and a whole lot of fun!

  6. This post actually relaxed me and gave me good vibes. Thank you!
    It sounds a lot of fun, glad to know that you had a great weekend. My weekend was spent travelling back to my home from the university :)


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