Sunday, July 27, 2014

A days work

It was hotter than satan with a sunburned  here yesterday and the weatherman predicted it

would be even hotter today. 

I stepped down to the garden just after coffee to pick tomatoes, squash, pepper, and cut the okra. The soil crunched as I walked through it and  it was obvious it needed a drink. So I watered this morning too. 

After garden chores, I decided to make a couple stepping stones so I mixed up a 40-pound bag of concrete and poured two decorative stepping stones. 

Jilda called down from the deck to say that her sister Nell still had blueberries if we wanted to come pick them. Loading the truck with baskets, we headed out to pick berries.  A gallon later, and we both were wilted. 

By the time we got back home it looked as if we'd hosed each other down. I'm not whining about the heat, just making a statement. 

This evening when the sun went down, I pulled Jilda's Volvo and my truck into the back yard and washed them both.  

Right now, my knees are aching, and my muscles are sore, but I can look around and see the result of a day's work.


  1. It feels good to be tired from completing work around the house ;-)

  2. Wow, you're feet hit the ground running and never stopped! We could send you some rain....the driveway got washed out again yesterday and more storms are heading this way tonight. The cool temps are lovely, but getting them always involves the wind and wet! Enjoy your veggies and fruit of your've earned them!

    1. A cool front moved through here too and should be better today but the rain missed us and came north to you guys.
      The veggies have been incredible this year.

  3. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Even with sore knees & aching muscles, I bet you're feeling good--at least inside!!

  4. Picking the blueberries in that heat would have done me in. I can put a lot of efforts in my day but the heat kills me. You could have had fun sprinkling yourself and Jilda while washing the vehicles in the back yard.
    A nice harvest. We harvested some burpless cucumbers yesterday.Nothing to compare with the store bought stuff.
    I hope you get some rain. We had rain over night.


  5. Well I'd say you squeezed the life out of that day. After reading your post I had to stop and go take a nap before I could comment! :)

    We had our hottest day this summer here in Arkansas yesterday but supposedly for the next seven days or so we will be enjoying temps in the 80's. Considering that's going to be during late July/early August, it is somewhat unbelievable.

  6. As they say, Rick..."busy hands are happy hands" :)


  7. Sounds like a very productive day! Great garden produce...wish it would get warm enough here to see those results...we're in the low 70's today...not our usual summer at all!

  8. I like your positive attitude. There is nothing like getting a lot done in one day.

  9. Oh colorful and healthy.
    It is only 65 here today.


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