Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Borrowing an idea from a blog buddy

My blog buddy Keith over at Optimistic Existentialist wrote a thought provoking post about favorite books and asked his readers for their favorite book.
Most folks responding were like me and found it difficult to narrow the choices down to one. As I read his post, I thought of a half dozen books: The Hobbit, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Cat's Cradle, The Alchemist, as well as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
But no sooner than I had hit the send button, I thought of a dozen more. To me, books are not only a means of escape, but a respite from a world that's turning too fast.
If I know my friend Keith, he won't mind me advancing the discussion on my blog too. So I'll ask the question too. What's your favorite book of all time? Oh yes, if you haven't discovered Keith, check out his blog.


  1. I love Keith's blog too... I have an amazing list of books I love... if I can read a book many times and enjoy it... that makes it interesting to me... ♡

  2. Hi Rick! I, too, read Keith's post. I picked "Lord of the Rings," but I have so many wonderful books tumbling through my mind! I also love, "The Hobbit." When we were told by our principal that we couldn't read the Harry Potter books to our kiddos, I struck back by reading "The Hobbit" and the Narnia books aloud to my kids. And "Bunnicula" ~ if you want an hysterical children's book, this is it! I had been reading them anyway in previous years. Fortunately that principal left and out came the HP books again! I was just in Iceland, and desperate for a book, I went into a bookstore ~ so many books were translated into Icelandic. But I finally found one in English and bought it: "Independent People" by Halldor Laxness. Awesome book! Won the 1955 Nobel Prize. I don't think I will ever forget it. Reading is the best!

  3. Will check his blog out. Books, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE books. I love to read and set myself a goal to finish at least 60 each year. I covet the things and have piles to read and keep the ones that are my favorites. My favorite is Chiefs by Stuart Woods. It was his first novel and won the Edgar award for it in the 70's. His first 7-8 novels were very good and a couple, including Chiefs were made into mini-series, but his later books are just not that good but I am a collector of his stuff so have everything he has written in my collection! Happy Reading!

  4. I never read a book that did not relate to my occupation until I was mid 50's. I went on a legal crusade 2,000 miles from home. Alone in the motor home I needed something for my spare time I purchased a huge book. Knowing it would take months to read. I had not heard of Tom Clancy, but I bought his 'Executive Orders', I surprised my self by reading it in less than a week. since then I have read over 900 books. I select Exec Orders, because it was my start..

  5. PS: Thanks for the thought of meeting. Would love for that to happen, will plan better in the future about Alabama. Never met a person from AL I did not like, truth.

  6. Of course I don't mind Rick! I love when blogging topics can spread to other blogs because it broadens the discussion. You mentioned The Alchemist. I have heard such amazing things about that book and I really need to add it to my reading list. In fact, I may put that at the top because of the word-of-mouth.

  7. I love books. When I sit down to think how many I've read it frightens me. lol
    I wish people would read more books. They are much better than movies and even ebooks You can relax sifting through textured pages which makes a book so personal along side the author who wrote it.

  8. I'm a follower of Keith's blog and he always has some deep thoughts provoking posts and I probably don't spend enough time thinking my answer to his questions but I trust my spontaneous answers anyway.

    I like factual books as truth is important to me and anything that will upgrade my brain cells.
    One of the book I read when it came out was The Help. It was a small book but I couldn't put that book down. I even read it in bed without falling asleep like other books.
    It was hard to wrap my mind around the fact that people could treat black people in such a terrible way. It was entertaining, heartbreaking, humorous and eye opening to me. If you haven't read it, I would recommend it.

  9. I think a lot depends on where I was in my life at the time of reading. Sometimes I'll revisit a favourite only to find it isn't quite the classic I remembered, and to be honest I prefer the version I had in my head.


  10. I would never be able to choose one book as a favorite. Often, it's the one I'm reading at the moment, and that changes as soon as I start reading another great book. I just can't decide. Blame my gender. :-)
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  11. When it comes to books, I could never choose one or two or any amount of favorites because it seems when I read a new book, if well chosen, I have another new favorite and begin the search again!

  12. A favourite book? Too difficult. I haven't read a lot this year but the book I liked best since January 1 is Instructions for a Heatwave - Maggie O'Farrell.

    Ms Soup


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