Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fun morning

This morning I took our great nephew Jordan to his swimming lessons. This was his first week and he's still a little skittish around water. He loves sprinklers and the water park, but he doesn't like getting his face wet. Of course the first things you learn to do in swimming class is getting comfortable going under water.

Once there, I snapped a picture of Jordan and his young swim coach. Both could be models in upscale

It was actually cool this morning....upper 50s as I fed the chickens before coffee. So when he went in the water, he shivered until he went under. The water was warm, but standing wet outside was uncomfortable.

I sat on a lounge chair to watch. It was hard to tell which was bluer, the sky or the pool.

The lesson only lasted 30 minutes, and Jordan was ready for his towel when he stepped out of the water.
It was a fun morning.


  1. Swimming is a great skill to learn at a young age. He'll get use to the water and pretty soon you'll have a hard time getting him out of the water.
    A beautiful picture.

  2. Funny, I am sitting here trying to remember when I Learned to swim, and I cannot. But I do feel like it is very important for a child to swim.
    Nice of you to do the driving and supervising.(smile)

    I always loved to be around the water. Where we are camped now, we are backed up to a creek. I cannot hear the water anymore, I do miss that.

  3. My children went through swim lessons at a young age at the indoor pool of a resort near us. The teacher was a college student, and he was great with the kids. They both learned to swim although things looked shaky at first. It was important to me that they know how because I almost drowned in th ocean when I was fifteen. We were jumping off the side of a large boat and I got caught on something...still not sure what. I survived obviously, but have been skittish in water ever since. Nonetheless, I still love the ocean...just won't go in very far.

  4. Yeah. I like the swim coach. Definitely. Yeah.

    Jordan is always cute.



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