Friday, July 11, 2014

I just made that up

 You know what they say: Red star in evening, the sailors be singing....OK, I just made that up to go with the picture.
But I can hear lonely sailors in port, slamming down Singapore Slings and making up bawdy songs about flowers...OK, I can't actually picture that either.
So let me start again.
I spent most of the day in our long-neglected yard. A mountain of debris from countless windstorms in the corner of the yard had become a part of the landscape.
When things become a part of the landscape, they are less likely to attract attention. Without attention, they tend to remain an eyesore with limbs jutting out which make it look like a woody porkypine. Then there's always the fear of losing pets and small children.
Every time I cut the grass, I cursed under my breath and said, "Dang, I need to burn that crap."
But burning a pile of dead wood that big is a commitment. It's not something you can run out and do before breakfast. It takes hours of raking piling, and watching.
Today I decided was the day. I started early and watched mesmerized as the pile burned down to embers.
This evening, after raking and piling the stubborn ends of limbs and stumps, I headed in for the evening.
As I approached the deck, I stopped short and took this picture of red blazing stars (hibiscus) beside the deck, and the words of this old bar song came rushing back:

A young maiden fair and dear
A blazin' star tucked in her bosom........

OK, I just made that up.


  1. There must be some song dancing in your head just waiting to come out.
    It feels good to clean up debris that accumulate, for me it's an endless chore. Some day I have to tackle my shed. I can no longer find anything in there. Total chaos.
    Have a great weekend and keep an eye on those little chicks.

  2. My hibiscus are in full bloom too at our cabin at the lake. Sadly, I am missing the best of them right now. Lovely!

  3. Beautiful picture once again...sounds like you had a very productive day...both creatively and physically! Love the story with the project...thanks for sharing it!

  4. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Love your new header!!


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