Saturday, July 26, 2014

Caption this

When I  was in junior high school, I did something bad. I'm hesitant to speak of it even today because I think the high school history teacher, who was ancient at the time, is still living and I fear what he might do if he were to learn of my indiscretion.
I put my own captions on pictures in history books. Most of the captions I can't repeat here. I thought they were hilarious and they made my friends laugh. One friend laughed so hard he snorted RC Cola out his nose. Who knew history could be so entertaining.
I had George Washington saying something obscene on a painting of him  crossing the Potomac. The caption was infantile, but I'm guessing it would be funny to most grownups even now, and disturbing on another level. To pimply kids, humor is an artform.
I also rearranged the "Give Me Liberty or Give me Death" painting into something insightful and perverse. I was gifted at captioning pictures.
I haven't done any captioning in a while but I came across this old photograph of Jilda and me from the 1970s and I thought it might be fun to give you an opportunity to try your hand at captioning pictures..
So my blog friends, below is a picture of Jilda and me. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to caption this photograph.


  1. She thinking, "And he thinks I am falling for that line?"
    He thinking, "I have this one made in the shade with table grade!"

    But I do like the Welcome back Cotter look!

  2. The Captain & Tennille, singing..."Love Will Keep Us Together"♪

    Great photo, Rick :)

  3. My hubby Jerry has a caption, goes :)

    "Rick, that isn't what I meant when I said it was okay for you to get a little behind in your writing!"

  4. "Just a little lower, right there... ahhhh" Now lets keep this clean, every girl loves to have her back scratched.

    1. Anonymous12:04 PM

      I was gonna say that!!

  5. I had to come back to see what was cooked up. I like this one!

  6. I'm not good at this, but I sure am enjoying everyone else's captions!

  7. So Happy Together!
    I Got YOU Babe...

    This was fun :o)

  8. Pornstache goes after yet another prisoner.


  9. I'm loving this.... . I'm thinking that Jilda is saying... "Honey, when we're married I'll make you the happiest man on earth. Just imaging how sweet it will be having me all to yourself.
    I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine"
    Rick says, "Oh yeah, I'm imagining ....

  10. I wonder if I will still look this cool in 20 years time

  11. You guys are too funny :)


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