Thursday, July 24, 2014

Doctoring up my Coke

While walking early this morning, a butterfly fluttered in front of me as if showing the way. Stopping at the front porch of the creative space, I sat for a while to watch. 

The flitting creature had the same idea and alighted to rest its wings a few feet on the lip of an old Coca Cola bottle the color of emerald.

It flexed its wings as if sizing me up. When it flew away, I continued looking at the Coke bottle. A memory arrived slowly in my conscientiousness like a Polaroid photograph developing.

I was 15 years old at the old high school during break time. Each day I'd buy a Coke and a pack of Tom's roasted peanuts. 

After drinking a few sips to make room, I'd pour the salty peanuts into the Coke and watch it fizz to life. Slurping the frothing soft drink was part to the fun. I loved that combination.
I tried several other things too. M&Ms, and the Kool Aid that came in multicolored striped straws also found their way into my Cokes.

School systems didn't worry that much about cranking the kids up on sweets between classes in those days. But then most of the kids that schooled with me, had stay-at-home moms and ate healthy breakfasts and dinners. 

It's funny what crosses your mind while out walking.


  1. Yes it is, but then not everyone can turn around and put them into words. Now I am thinking of salted peanuts in my coke. Loved it.
    Great entry, THANKS
    PS: I always wonder about butter flies, do they have any idea where they are headed? (I know they migrate, that amazes me in itself!)

  2. I've never tried salted peanuts in Coke but I've heard it's wonderful. Now I must try it. Regarding the butterflies: I do know that the Monarchs migrate to Pismo Beach, CA every year in the fall. It's quite a sight - thousands of them attached to the eucalyptus trees there. At first I couldn't see them, because what I thought were fluttering leaves were actually thousands and thousands of butterflies. I hope we can go see them this year. Thanks for your lovely blog at the end of the day. I can always count on a pretty thought or two.

  3. And here I thought a lemon coke was daring!

  4. I know what you mean; something opens a door in your mind and suddenly you're back, as though whatever it was happened only yesterday. Btw - I went through a (very) brief phase of putting peanuts in my beer when I was a student.

  5. Well now I have to try it! Although I don't like coke that much. But it's funny, I'd even say Great how little things can take us years back on our memory lane :) And at least you think about nice memories! For me it's mostly - sitting down on a chair and then spending the next hour wondering where did the word Chair came from! lol.

  6. I never was a soda pop drinker because I just never took to sweets but I ate my share of those little bags of peanuts. And I had several friends when I was a kid who partook in the 'peanuts in the Coke' snack. It's been ages since I have thought about that.

  7. I haven't had a Coke since I was a young lady. I was managing a little corner grocery store in the summer and since they had no running water I would drink Coke to quench my thirst all day. I soon realized that I was getting addicted to Coke so I stop drinking it. I haven't touched it since. Funny what will awaken a memory.

  8. I've heard of putting peanuts in Coke, but I've never tried it. Probably because, even though my mom is dead, if I did such a thing I would have gotten in trouble. It's amazing that I'm 55 years old and my mother has been dead for almost 20 years but I still make many decisions based on what she would say.


  9. Interesting combinations...your coke drinks! I don't I ever tried that, but then again, I only got soda on holidays in my home when I was growing up...oh well, I must have missed some things as a result.

  10. Pop was a rare treat in my childhood and I don't think the high school even sold it. I never heard of peanuts in coke, but I'm going to ask Jack if he ever had it. That sounds like something he would do! Funny how something simple can stir up memories.

  11. This post took me back to my teen years and the warm feeling of being young and each day was filled with dreams of the future.
    Thank you for the glimpse back in time, Rick~



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