Friday, July 25, 2014

A magical place

One afternoon this week, Jilda was working late and I'd been to community meetings. 

On the way home I came to a stop sign near the fork of the river. It's actually where the Sipsey Fork and the Mulberry River join to form the Black Warrior River that flows through the heart of Alabama.

Home was to the right, but a stones throw from the stop sign is the finger of land separating the two rivers where they join. I decided to swing in, as if often do, to see what was happening at the forks.

There's a public boat launch here but this particular spot is a unique place on this earth.

Native Americans made their home on this land back before Alabama became a state, but even now  standing there as gentle waters flow to the south feels almost magical. People congregate there year around. 

In the spring when trout, hybrid  bass and other species of fish head upstream to spawn, you can catch fish as big as small children.

My old friend Leo (white shirt) comes here every day. It's almost as if the water of the Black Warrior flows through his veins. He can look at the water, the angle of the sun, mentally calculate the air temperature and tell you if the fish are biting.

People come from all over, park their cars in the shade of pine and poplar trees and fish. Some come to stand and talk. Most just want to feel the magic of this place.  

Pulling in for a moment this week, Leo (pictured in white tee shirt)  told me they hoped to catch a few strip bass. 

Sometimes when you go down there, families with children running around barefoot will eat a picnic lunch on the grass. 
I love this place. 


  1. From the entry and the picture I can understand a love for the spot. Shucks, now I even like it. Probably never see it, but I still like to know there are magical places for folk, because life can be GREAT when it allows you to smile with the uncommon: Magic.

  2. It just sounds like a timeless place where nothing ever changes. You're very lucky to have a place like that. Fish while you can.

  3. Rick, I agree with you. Just seeing this beautiful, peaceful, photo and reading your words, I could feel the magick that you spoke of. My favorite body of water is a river...any river. I live near two. One of them is only two miles from my home and the other one is the mighty Mississippi, about ten miles away. I can sit on their banks, either one, for hours and get lost in my thoughts of 19th century riverboats, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

    Part of my nationality is Native American...Cherokee. Irish and German make-up the rest. These may be the reasons that I love country life, forests and rivers so much. Nature is a wonderful healer for the soul and the heart.

    The photo in your post is "A Magical Place" indeed~


  4. Sounds wonderful...all that fresh fish! What a beautiful spot to reflect on life while fishing!


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