Saturday, July 12, 2014

A nice ending to the day

It was warm here today. The heat index at 2 p.m. was 107 degrees. The heat index is a combination of the ambient temperature along with the relative humidity.
When both numbers are high, the heat index shoot skyward. I didn't need a weatherman to tell me it was warm. I had some outside work to finish up, and when I came back inside, it looked as if I'd showered with my clothes on.
This evening we invited Jilda's brother and her niece over to have dinner with  us. We'd bought some nice thick steaks, marinated them with Jilda's secret recipe, and I fired those babies up on the grill.
After cleaning the kitchen, we stepped out to the TV room to watch a Christmas movie.....I know, it's July, but Jilda loves Christmas movies. This was a good one I'd seen before but we watched it again.
About an hour into the movie, I heard a roar on the roof. When I looked out the window, the sun was as bright as a stage outside, but it was raining hard.
I stepped to the back deck to see if I could find the rainbow, but the only gold I saw was falling on our squash and okra.
We went out to the screen porch and sat watching it rain for a long while. I snapped the picture below.
It was a nice ending to the day.


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely day, Rick. It was hot here in Aurora, Colorado, and then we had a lashing rain and wind storm with hail. That rain-drenched cold air cooled everything down beautifully. Aahhh! Have a good week!

  2. Beautiful photograph of your Jilda.
    What a lovely day you enjoyed together....

  3. Nice title, good read and a beautiful shot! all making for a good entry. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous10:45 PM

    She's a beauty, Rick!!

  5. Watching a Christmas movie to cool things down worked so well that you got cooled off after all with all that rain. Nice photograph of Jilda.
    I hope it's cooler today.

  6. You really have hot weather there! Here in the Midwest, our weather has been unusual for us at this time of year with days in the 70's to 80's for the most part and rain several days a week. That's not our usual July, which is normally in the 80'a to 90's and much dryer. I'm not complaining though because with strong memories of this past winter, this all feels good to me now. Hopefully, there is good weather ahead!

  7. Our weather has been all over the place...mid 80's now, only in the 60's next week. I've been watching Christmas movies all week. I enjoy them too! The pic of Jilda is frame pretty! Enjoy your day!

  8. Simply beautiful!


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