Saturday, July 05, 2014

Time to shine

Even without a calendar, you can almost tell what time of year it is by the flowers in bloom. In late winter, just when you've convinced yourself that it will never be warm again, you'll wrap up like a chilled cocoon and walk down to fetch the morning paper. When you least expect it, you'll see it there in the early-morning sun....a buttercup.

All the leaves are brown, and the only thing with color is pine and cedar, but yet there it is. Like a ray of sunshine pushing up through the frosty topsoil. It's a harbinger, except with good news -- spring will one day follow.

Soon after the yellow bells, the azaleas come, followed by rhododendrons, bleeding hearts, and ornamental plum trees. Each flower, shrub and bush are awaiting its time to shine. It's a parade.

This week when we walked out on the deck, a blood-red blazing star as big as a saucer had bloomed out over night.

The richness of color, and the size of the bloom combine to make their arrival a special treat. Before we know it, the flowers will take a bow and autumn will step in for the second act. Each season, awaiting its time to shine.


  1. That flower is absolutely beautiful!

  2. WOW, love that brilliant color!

  3. I really love when that happens.
    The bigger the better

  4. A beautiful flower for sure. I've never sen one of those before.

  5. What a gorgeous flower! So lovely to appreciate nature's beauty!

  6. Beautiful flower indeed. This is the first time I got a chance to see one like this. I wonder what'd it's name is.


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