Sunday, July 13, 2014

The chameleon doesn't mind

It was another warm day today. Moving early, the chickens were tended, the birds fed, and the screen porch cleaned. The baby chicks had called the porch home for the past few weeks, but it was time to move them to the big pen.
So they moved to a bigger wire cage and situated under the shade of oak, hickory, and pine...higher than the rest of the chickens. Hopefully they can get a sense of the ebb and flow of chicken life from that vantage point.
Afterwards, a cold glass of sweet tea, and a few moments on the stone benches in the yard seemed like the right thing to do.
A chameleon decided to sit as well. Pulling phone from a pocket, and snapping this picture seemed fitting.
Note: I rarely enter contests any more, but I did enter a few of my blog entries in a communications contest for my professional organization. I won a few second and third place awards, but it was a little disappointing.
The feedback on one of the submission was: I, I,  I. All you talk about is you, me  and I. "I" is not a compelling topic.
So I did the entry above without using the word I or me, a single time.  It felt stiff and uninspired. Perhaps I do say "I" too much. I asked the chameleon his opinion, and while his answer was a little vague, I think I understood him to say that he doesn't mind if I take about me.


  1. It would be difficult for me to write without using the first person pronoun....but you pulled it off splendidly!

  2. It is pretty hard to do a personal blog entry without using : I or me.
    But then, over the years I have dealt with judges and inspectors. I learned one thing, Inspectors and Judges are the most intelligent and knowledgeable of the species, why else would they be judges?
    I became very good at stroking the building inspectors ego, even military inspectors so far I haven't won nor have I been noticed in writing competition. maybe I would be happy just to hear 'why' I haven't been noticed. LOL

  3. I am pretty sure I couldn't write about myself without saying I and my blog is about me... oh well, luckily I write for myself and no one else... as well, thankfully I have readers that like the way I write... just as you do Rick :)

  4. You did great writing without using the pronoun I. It wasn't stiff at all. I would love seeing photos of your chickens. We never get to see them, only the dogs you and Jilda.

  5. I have never noticed you using "I" too much. Since your stories are based on personal experience and thoughts, why wouldn't you use the word "I"? Ignore the fool. He obviously never read any of your work!

  6. Anonymous10:49 AM

    You can talk all you want about YOU!!


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