Sunday, July 06, 2014


We have out-of-town company coming Thursday so we spent the day sprucing the place up. We keep a clean house, but over time, things begin to pile up.
I had a stack of unread magazines a foot tall on my desk. "I've got to take time to read these," is a mantra I repeat without conviction daily. As a result, they go unread for too long.
Having company come in occasionally is good motivation to declutter. I filed a few of the magazines I REALLY want to read, and I put the rest in a box to take to the thrift store.
I have a roll-top desk with about a thousand knick-knacks on it. OK, at thousand might be a stretch, but all the stuff on it, makes dusting a pain in the rear.
It's nice working from an organized and clean workspace. I hope you all have had a great holiday weekend.



  1. Hi Rick, I am on holiday and we were just saying that we always feel motivated to clean and declutter when we are preparing for company! Hope you and your lovely are well and enjoying your summer! I have been having a ball taking Old Barn photos!

  2. I always cleaned thoroughly before my mother visited. I've had no reason to clean since she died, but I do it anyway to maintain some sense of decorum.


  3. I used to have a roll top desk that I loved. I gave it to my son, and when moving it, it fell off the back of the truck and was ruined. He did not secure it tight enough...oh well. That desk had so many places to stuff, stack, pile away things, it was impossible to keep it organized for long...I think it has something to do with roll top desks! It's harder to hide or disguise my piles on my new desk, so I'm forced to organize more often.


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