Wednesday, October 01, 2014

I dreamed of rain last night

I dreamed of rain last night. The scent of fresh rain, and the sound of rain on the roof made me smile, but when I awoke, there was no rain.

We had a little rain a few weeks ago, but not enough to soak the ground, just enough for the plants and trees to survive a while longer.

The dogwood that normally holds on to foliage a while longer is beginning to drop leaves, and I'm finding apples under the tree in the pasture.  They still need a few more weeks to be in their prime so I have my fingers crossed that we get rain later this week as promised by the prognosticators.

In years past when we got no rain, the leaves went from green to brown making fall a bust. I hope that doesn't happen this year because autumn leaves are one of the highlights of my year.


  1. I noticed one of the trees in my yard, the one that's at the end of the driveway, directly in front of me when I pull in, is starting to change a little. We have lots of trees in our yard which make for a beautiful autumn!

  2. Anonymous10:26 PM

    There are very few things more beautiful than autumn leaves!!

  3. Strange how mother nature is. We are molding here in Melbourne. Every ditch is full and eases down, just before the next big run of heavy showers.
    I love the picture, the yellow heart is neat with the other color. Good one.

  4. It would be nice... Now lets hope your dream comes true.

  5. I hope you get your rain and your fall color. The last call color I saw was October 2010, and it was beautiful. On my site, right sidebar, is a photo I took then, with the Methodist church in the back.

  6. We've had lots of rain. Lake Junebug is pretty full.


  7. We had some rain but mostly clouds and this morning was very nice.
    Got into crock pot cooking again.. They have so many great recipes out that I think having 2 or more going at the same time is not a bad idea.
    One for soup one for break fast and one for supper.
    My soup had to be replenished three times already Things turn out soo good.
    Hope to get out somewhere where the leaves turn color Around my place its always just green.

  8. I love the changing of the leaves...the colors are always so beautiful! Hope you get some rain soon, so you can enjoy this annual event!


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