Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Barn repair

I was struggling with a topic for tonight's post and came up with a blank. Often when this happens, I look back through my pictures to see if something clicks (no pun intended.)

While scanning backwards through the years, I saw some photos I took five years ago on February 17, 2011. I was in the process of repairing the barn.

When I first surveyed the damage, I naively thought a few boards on the front and maybe some on the side would be sufficient. But when the carpenter came over to give an estimate, his findings were grave. It might be easier to tear it down and replace it with a metal building. I took a step backwards and he quickly added but we can fix it "if your pockets are deep enough."

He's a country carpenter and I knew he wasn't trying to pad his wallet, so he took the pencil from behind his ear and began walking around the barn scribbling notes. Next he pulled his 50' measuring tape from his pocket and began writing down numbers.

We pulled up a few concrete blocks and sipped on a glass of tea as he began to list the materials we'd need.

A few days later, I'd bought all the lumber and supplies for the job. It was slow work, but there was no hurry. The weather was agreeable and we chipped away until the job was done.

Perhaps it would have been easier to set a metal building on the back of our property and it probably would have kept the tractor and equipment safe and dry, but I can tell a metal building devoid of soul would have been a canker on a beautiful spot of land.

The old barn is in no way a showplace, but it is something that Jilda and I love.


  1. The wood barn just looks better, plus metal buildings are tornado magnets.

  2. Keeping the character of your property is important.I like the wooden barn.

  3. I like the wooden barn better also. It has caracter.
    Have a great day.

  4. I agree! It may take more work and upkeep, but yes, it looks better.

  5. I love any story about barns, pictures also. THANKS<

    WE are out the door for a couple days to see the Doctors. Hope for good word.

    I especially hope Jilda is now feeling much better.

  6. Love the character of the wood barn. Its picture perfect!

  7. Anonymous6:18 PM

    With my vote, it's wood 7, metal building 0!!

  8. You made the right decision. A metal building would have stuck out like a sore thumb.

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