Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Flurry day

I've had no flu symptoms so I decided to work in the office today and let Jilda rest. No appointments were on the calendar, just phone work.

As I walked to the car, the scarf Jilda had wrapped around my neck to protect against the cold, flapped in the north wind.  Flakes of snow tickled my nose. I stood for a moment listen to the wind aloft. It sounded like a distant train or a jet flying too low.

Once in the truck, I cranked the engine to let it warm a moment before backing out of the driveway. I called Jilda inside on my cell phone to make sure she'd see the falling snow.

Just before lunch, the clouds scattered a little letting a spoke of sun fall on the lone plant in my office. I thought I saw it smile.

I left at lunch which was a few hours early and headed home. Normally I stay until 2 p.m. but the local news network wanted to interview me at 6 p.m. about the BTW 50+ program that I'm working with and that would take a couple hours.

When I got home, Jilda said that one of our friends had called to say they were bringing us something. They weren't coming to visit because they'd seen on Facebook that Jilda wasn't feeling well, but wanted to bring us something.

He arrived a few moments later and I stepped outside to greet him so he wouldn't be exposed to the flu. He and his wife had picked up lunch at the local Mexican Restaurant. They chose chicken tortilla soup with chips and salsa. It tasted incredible. We were both moved by their gesture.

After lunch, I suited up and went out to get in my steps. I'd missed my goal the last few days, so today was catch up day.

After a few laps, I sat for a moment on the bail of hay at the edge of the garden and watched the clouds. The sun peeped in now and then. I shot a time-lapse photograph but I'm not sure if it will work here.

Jilda is still quite sick, but she is feeling better. There's a good chance I won't have to put her down:)


  1. Busy last few days...so sorry to hear your wife is ill but hope she is slowly getting better. That is so very nice of your friends to bring this to you and your wife. It has been nothing but grey skies with rain now changing to snow

  2. You had a full day. How nice of your friends to bring lunch.

  3. Those friends are the best. I hope you don't get the flu and that Jilda will get better very soon. Your snowflakes seem to be hard to come by. You might have to buy a snow making machine.

    Stay healthy and have a good day.

  4. Glad you have not caught the bug. It's probably good you got out of the house awhile. Hopeful Jilda is better soon.

  5. I'm glad Jilda is feeling better! What nice friends you have. Tortilla soup? We have been eating Mexican food every Saturday night for years. I need to try the soup!

  6. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you won't have to put Jilda down. I hope she gets better soon.

  7. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I'm sure Jilda is relieved!!

  8. I really hope your wife feels better soon! What a nice surprise with the Mexican food!


  9. That is real friends, amazing. I enjoy hearing/reading a smile maker. BTW I love it when you 'crank' your truck. I seldom use the term anymore, but of course my dad used it until he died.
    I never grew up to my dad, he worried about my cars, I can still hear it, "Crank it up, I want to hear it."
    The best to Jilda. (Glad to hear you haven't had any symptoms)

  10. Glad Jilda is feeling better and hopefully you won't get it next. Everyone at work has it...but me...I'm hoping to get by without it to. The walking is good for your immune system so a big atta boy for you! I couldn't get the video on my Kindle so I'll give it a go on the computer. Enjoy the flakes!


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