Thursday, February 11, 2016

Yard Art

I got around early this morning because I had to be in West Alabama for a meeting which meant road time.

I think the chickens were still sleeping when I eased in the pen and dumped the feed in the feeder and swished out the waterer.

A pike of sunlight pierced through the underbrush and highlighted a piece of yard art Jilda had placed on a stand in the corner of the back deck.

The light wasn't that good, but I snapped a photo anyhow because I knew I wouldn't have an opportunity to get many pictures today.

It was a productive day, but tonight I am one tired camper. I hope your Friday is the gateway to a remarkable weekend.


  1. Cool shot...the sunrays on the sun sculpture...sweet! Hope your weekend is great. I'm planning a lot of throwing out and cleaning out since the temps are suppose to only be around 10de. Good excuse to stay inside!

  2. I like how the sun shines on the sun. Oh wait, yaya already said that...well we have a consensus.

  3. Good morning, sunshine. That sunbeam makes me smile.

  4. I love the yard art ! I get the feeling you are going to enjoy the weekend !

  5. What an awesome piece of sun on sun work of art and a mouthful too.
    Have a great weekend too. I woke up tired this morning so I'll ease up on myself and will wait till I'm in better form to tackle the job I was going to tackle today.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Get some sleep, Rick!!

  7. That is one cool picture! Love the sun with his smile. be warm...we have a balmy -5 today and tomorrow a high of -15

  8. I hope you catch up on your rest and have a terrific weekend.

  9. At first I thought there was an arrow sticking from the center of the face. I wonder if that has a dark meaning about my psyche.


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