Friday, February 19, 2016

I'm back

Our Internet connectivity was back on this morning but just slightly faster than it was when we had dial-up.

When I called tech support, they confirmed there was a problem (I was gratified that they agreed) and scheduled a technician for this afternoon.

Connectivity was spotty until about 15 minutes before the technician arrived. The needle pegged to the right when I clicked on the connectivity speed test.  The test showed we were getting a speed of 65 megabits which was a screaming connection. I shook my head and walked to the front porch to meet the technician who would be pulling into the driveway at any moment.

As I sat there, I noticed the Confederate jasmine climbing our arbor was blooming. Tiny yellow butter-colored blossoms were hanging from the top.

I meant to get the stepladder and get a photo, but the tech drove up so I walked out to greet him instead.

He went inside to the computer and checked the connections, but the problem was gone. He replaced several of the couplers and connectors to eliminate them from the equation, but I think he did that to appease me. I hate intermittent problems.

On another note, today was like spring time here. The temps rose to 73 degrees. It wasn't warm enough to swim, but almost warm enough to wear trunks.

I looked back through my old pictures for one to post tonight. The one I chose was of a pond at sunset that I shot last year. The color was remarkable.

I hope you all have an incredible weekend.


  1. We had nice weather today, too--maybe not quite as warm as yours, but great weather for working outside.
    The sunset picture is lovely.

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  3. A while back, we had internet issues and the tech replaced the connections outside as they got damaged in the high winds. Our connection was also intermittent depending on the weather conditions.
    That's a spectacular sunset.
    Happy weekend.

  4. I believe some computers are programmed to know when the technician is close and connectivity is resolved...don;t let the techie leave!

    1. Anonymous11:32 AM

      That's like when your tooth stops hurting when the dentist is ready to see you!!

  5. Glad your computer woes are over---for now. Have a great Weekend.

  6. We were having similar issues last week!
    Never trust an inanimate object ... I suspect they belong to the same union.

  7. I think that is one of the laws Murphy wrote. Call for assistance and just before they get there: The TV works, the cars starts, or the water runs. LOL
    Oh man I love that pond picture.
    PS: SHerry is laughing about the 'implant good and bad comment!' (smile)

  8. Thank goodness you finally are connected. Even if I have no plans to do anything I want to have everything working.

  9. Glad your computer is back up and running. It was not quite as warm where I am but still a beautiful spring like day-I think is reached something like 12C

  10. The color in your picture is remarkable indeed. I've had those intermittent problems before too. They are a bit frustrating for sure.

  11. Oh how we don't like internet problems and don't like it more when someone comes to check out the problem and the problem is not there, it makes us want to scream and by us I mean me and everyone else.

  12. Glad your computer issues has stopped, but too bad it was before the tech got there! Beautiful picture!

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