Saturday, February 06, 2016


I finished the first draft of the profile I'm writing for the paper before lunch today. Afterwards, I decided to jump into the next thing on my to-do list that I've been dreading...TAXES.

After about four hours sifting through drawers, online records, and filling out spreadsheets, I had to take a break. The wind was cool but the sun was warm so it was a cinch getting my 10k steps. At one point, the sun highlighted a broken limb with fungi the color of porcelain.

Afterwards, I made myself a cup of hot peppermint tea and headed back to the office into hell.  Jilda called to me from the kitchen after 6 P.M. saying dinner was served. Those words were like a song to me because I was about three decimal places away from jabbing a #2 pencil  into my temple and twisting it.

Why can't the government simply take my word for it. Hey dude, I think I owe you about 25 bucks, do you take checks?

But NO, they want proof. Receipts that I trip over in December, but become completely invisible when it's time to do the taxes.

I tell you I'd rather have a wisdom tooth gouged out with a Phillips-head screwdriver while donating a kidney than work on taxes...!@#$$#$%^^&!!!&&&&&.


  1. Do you use tax software such as Quicktax (Turbotax)? It is quite helpful.

  2. I don't like tax time either Rick and my taxes are not overly involved... still painful though... Good luck with getting yours completed..

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  4. Personally I think you enjoy the challenge. It is a powerful feeling to calculate the final number and let the IRS know that YOU are the one who was able to do it by yourself. No matter how confusing they try to make it.

  5. I know your pain!

  6. Don't mince words. How do you really feel about tax preparation?!
    (I feel your pain, too!)


  7. I am smiling my friend, seems you have a way of describing my thoughts today. Our stuff is simple, but keeping up with it is another matter.
    I love it when someone running for office says "I will do away with the IRS." If I thought they could do it I would some how vote in place for all my dead relatives, twice!
    I remember filing our income tax on one IBM card. WHAT HAPPENED?

    Now do it! ;-)

  8. The good news is that you still have plenty of time to get that job done. From the sounds of things, it's good you are starting early. Hope you give it a rest for today and enjoy your Sunday !

  9. I leave the tax stuff up to my husband. I think he actually likes the challenge and thats just getting it together! Then we take it to our tax preparer to see what our prize is.

  10. Two things we can count on are Taxes and death...

    No body like doing taxes..... We use QuickTax for doing our personal income taxes but it's still too early for those taxes as not all the tax receipts are in yet but we had to have the Corporate taxes in early.

    I put all the receipts and papers that are pertinent to income tax in one drawer and nothing else goes in there under the death penalty but somehow my husband always manages to loose at least one paper each year and I have to look through his piles of papers. grrr...
    Certain things never change.

    Have a restful Sunday and forget about Taxes for today.

  11. I'm extremely fortunate in that Mrs. Chatterbox once worked for a CPA firm and she does our taxes.

  12. Anonymous1:21 PM

    And my husband (bless him) does ours!!

  13. I got all itchy when I read this because I'm the one who gathers all the tax info and sends it to the accountant...then he charges an arm and a leg and that makes me itchy too! It's bad enough to have to suffer through cold and dark Winter days without adding taxes into the mix! Good luck and hopefully you'll have it all done and get a big refund!

  14. For many years Tim and my dad did their own tax returns but a number of years back Tim had an account do them for his as he had more then one job and a number of group certificates so not so easy to do, thankfully the account he uses comes to the house to do his tax return

  15. I agree! I have to start doing the taxes soon! Ugg!!!


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