Thursday, February 04, 2016

Spidering the sky

I knew it would be a beautiful day today by the color of the dappled light coming through the front windows where we drink our morning coffee. The birds got busy early at the feeders eating seed and pecking at the frozen fountain. 

When I headed to work, the windshield looked as if it were covered with a gauze blanket. I had to scrape frost as thick as a playing card off before I could back from the driveway.

By midmorning, the sun had warmed things up nicely. When it came time to eat a bite of lunch, I took my soup out to the courtyard and sat alone at one of the picnic tables. I had to weigh down the napkins to keep them from blowing off with my crackers and stick cheese. The wind reminded me that it was still February and not yet warm enough to swim. But still, it felt fresh and rare.

After work, I headed home but Jilda had just left for her job so I focused on the profile I'm writing. I'm waiting on sources who once worked at The Washington Post to call me back but it didn't happen today so I filled in other gaps in the piece.

Still short a few steps, I decided to walk before sundown. I put on sweatpants and a sweatshirt but without the sun, it was a chilly walk.  

I snapped a photo of the sky just after sunset. I know I've shot similar pictures before, but the creative ones I tried to shoot looked lame, so I trashed them and went with the trees spidering the sky. It's hard to go wrong with pictures of the sky.



  1. Trees accent the sky quite nicely. They seem to go together.

  2. I like to take pictures of the sky and then focus on the photo afterwards. You can see s0 much more detail in a photo of the sky than just looking up at it. That picture is beautiful.

  3. I agree, the sky always provides a beautiful picture. Even when it's cloudy and grey, but it takes a little more to appreciate it when the sun isn't shinning.

  4. The sky is always a crowd pleaser.

  5. I enjoyed the visit today, I always enjoy the original descriptive phrases you come up with. I smiled as I 'visualized' your windshield, your attention to detail is amazing, very good! Smart sky!

    I always enjoy the comments left at the Shipslog, they always add, never detract. THANKS!

  6. We are having a nice cool and wet day, thankfully I managed to go for a walk before the rain started


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