Sunday, February 07, 2016

Burning boxes

We had a pile of boxes in the laundry room awaiting disposal. We don't put our cardboard in the landfill because there's enough stuff going in there. We would recycle it, but the closest place that recycles cardboard is 35 miles away so we choose to burn our boxes. I know there are arguments against this but currently, that's the way we roll.

I went into the laundry room this evening to get a cleaning cloth and tripped over the boxes so I decided it was time for them to go. 

The wind out of the west had calmed to an infrequent whisper so I hauled the cardboard out and fired 'em up.

The temps dropped after the sun went down, and I'd worn a short-sleeve shirt out. Once the cardboard caught, the warmth of the fire felt good on my bare arms. 

I promise I'm not a pyromaniac, but standing there this evening as the flames licked at the night sky and the gentle roar was hypnotic.

I snapped a photo because I liked the colour.  

My spouse is a sick puppy. She's been on the couch for most of the weekend. I'm taking her to the doctor in the morning.


  1. The fire has such nice colors :-)

    Take care of Jilda Rick as I'm sure you :-)

  2. I miss being able to burn some of the trash. We did it when I was a child and it did not seem to harm the environment too much.

  3. I like camp fires, I enjoy outdoor fires, and like fire pits, but I sure don't like to hear of a pretty lady being sick. I hope she is WELLER in the morning and won't need the Doc. But if not I know you will take care of the sweet lady!

  4. When we first moved to Oregon it was legal to burn yard debris and such, but these days it's illegal.

  5. We lived in the LA area in the fifties and every one burned all their trash in back yard incinerators. Might have been one reason they have such bad smog. I think you would leave a bigger carbon footprint driving 70 miles to drop off the cardboard than to just burn it.

    Hope your wife feels well soon.

  6. Better to burn boxes than bridges!

    Ms Soup

  7. We need to get a recycling program for the western part of Jefferson county and Walker county. The recycling center in downtown Birmingham is moving to Avondale which means a longer drive for us. We have stuff piling up now.
    I hope Jilda gets over whatever crud has a hold on her.

  8. We have recycling here. Any cardboard goes in the bin for for our garbage men to pick up at the curb. We also have another bin for the regular stuff. When they first started recycling here, I thought it was a chore, but now I'm used to it and hearing that you have to take your own, makes me think we are blessed to have it. Your fire is pretty though.

  9. I would have the fire marshall at my door if I had an open fire in my back yard. We're lucky that we have cardboard recycle pick up every other week but I save some to compost as it adds some carbon for balance and I use cardboard as a weed barrier along the cedar hedge and the garden when the chickweeds are starting to grow in the spring. I make sure the cardboard overlap each other and it prevent the pesky weeds from growing into the garden.

    I hope that Jilda will feel better soon. Poor girl.

  10. Like Julia, I use some cardboard pieces to suppress weeds in the garden. I prefer to use cardboard that doesn't have a lot of ink on it for that. We do have a place to recycle just 2 miles away, so I take advantage of that.
    I like the promise that you are not a pyromaniac. Sometimes I feel I need to say that too. I do like to burn the small limbs that fall on my property and especially diseased prunings.

    Hope Jilda gets well soon!

  11. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Hope your spouse feels better soon! Neat colors in that fire. We'd recycle more, but everything for it is just so inconveniently placed. :/

  12. WOW that is an neat looking picture of a fire. I see nothing wrong with burning your boxes (or other trash for that matter). I love to stand by a fire pit on a cold evenings. I understand the whole hypnotic state a fire can bring you too.

  13. So sorry to hear your wife has the punies. Hope the doc can set her straight.
    I love a good fire. They mesmerize me. I am waiting patiently for the winds to die down here so I can burn some yard waste. We have no pick up for that here.

  14. Thankfully we have curbside recycling so most stuff that can be recycled go into our yellow lid recycling bin, although at times if we have a lot of paper stuff that have our name and address on it and it seems too much to shred Tim will take it out the back and burn it all, he does it when we have Blain and Leo here as they like to help him with the task

  15. Gorgeous picture! I love fires at night! At our old house, we use to burn things, but we can't now, because we are in town. All the best to your wife!

  16. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Jilda--feel better soon!!

  17. This picture looks so pretty with the colours in it. Hope Jilda is feeling better


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