Monday, February 08, 2016

Let is snow (a little)

I took Jilda to the doctor this morning without much of a fight. She said that if I preferred, I could simply shoot her, but this could have been problematic with the authorities, and to be honest, I'm quite fond of her cooking when she's not afflicted and what not.

We were the first few in the urgent care doctor's office, and it didn't take long to get the scoop – even though she had a flu shot in October, took vitamins, exercised, and avoided sneezing people as if they were lepers with oozing sores, she caught the flu. They swabbed me to be on the safe side, but my results came back negative. I got the shots and the meds anyhow because the doc said even if I didn't have the flu now, I would get it before Jilda stopped being contagious. I didn't whine, but it did feel as if she'd used a screwdriver instead of a syringe.

It was 49 degrees this morning, and the temps have dropped all day. The weatherman has said all day that we could get a little snow today and tonight.

Even with Jilda sick as a rooky sailor, she's still longingly looked out the front windows and asked, "Where's the snow?"

Last year when we got some of the white stuff, Jilda and our great nephew Jordan (and his mom) were beside themselves. In reality, I have fun with that crew too when we get a little white stuff. I did a long-armed selfie that almost cut Jilda from the picture, but you get the idea.

So, Jilda and I say –  Let it snow (a little.)


  1. Warmest best wishes to Jilda...
    Get well soon, Jilda!
    And to you, Rick: no flu for you. Nope. None.
    Hope it snows (for Jilda!)
    Take care....both of you.
    Hugs from South Georgia (where it NEVER snows! (Sigh)

  2. The flu can be nasty, you better treat her real nice until she is better...especially if you might catch it later.

  3. I sure hope she's better soon. Take care.

  4. I hope that flu bug goes away very soon and that you don't catch it too. I had the shot but I know a few that also did and got the flu anyway. There are so many different kinds it seems impossible to catch them all in one shot. We got a little snow here yesterday and have promises of some more coming our way today. A little is ok, but that's all I need.

  5. Hope Jilda gets to felling better soon. The flu shot takes up to 30 days to get into your system to protect you (I heard). I hope you don't catch it but that's just one of those loving sacrifices you have to take when you take care of those you love.



  6. AH man I hate to hear that. It has been along time since we had it, but the memories are still here. Our prayers and best thoughts that way. I hope you are bullet proof now, so you can help the beautiful lady thru this misery!
    A snow scene might help!

  7. Sure hope Jilda gets better soon and that you don't get the flu. We'er having another snow storm today and schools are cancelled.
    I hope that you get the snow you so desire.
    Have a good day. JB

  8. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I think I caught Jilda's flu!!

  9. I hope Jilda is over it soon and you don't get it. Being born and raised in South Alabama I love the snow and NC has enough to please me. Ha. Take care, Sheila

  10. Watching snow through the window would be good medicine for her.

  11. Yeah often when one person gets sick they spread it through the family it is part of life, that said I have not been really sick in like 4 years it was back in 2012 that I was so sick I felt like I was dying not that I know what dying feels like since I have never died

  12. Take good care of Jilda and I sure hope she feels better soon. We got your snow yesterday and today. Little Chubbs loves the stuff! The bitter cold is headed our way and I'm sure that wouldn't be something you would want. Take care and I hope that nasty junk leaves you alone!

  13. The flu shot only protects a certain percentage of people. It's a shot in the dark, but no shooting at Jilda.


  14. The flu sucks...there is no other way to say it. Our weather has been warm one day and then plummets 20 degrees in one day and then back up-I hate that

  15. Such a cute pic! Having the flu is so yucky! All the best to your beautiful wife!


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