Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It gets away

Rain ticking on the tin roof woke me early this morning. Too early in fact to actually start the coffee, so I kept my head on the pillow for a while longer. 

The clock moved like frozen taffy so I marked time by breathing deliberately and listening to the rain. I thought the shower might pass and allow the sun to peep through but that was not to be. The sun took the day off.

Without the light of the sun casting light and shadow most pictures I take are flat and uninteresting. I
passed a few scenes on the way to my workshop this morning, but I didn't bother stopping.

So tonight when it came time to post, I was at a loss for a topic; until my phone chirpped to show me a memory from two years ago on this day. It was an overcast day, but I took pictures of my great nephew Jordan who came over to play in our back yard with Caillou and his dog Lady.  I snapped a picture 
or two, but never did anything with them.

When I looked at the picture tonight, I noticed how much Jordan has grown in two years. Seeing him daily, it's hard to see the changes but when viewed through the lens of time, it's quite remarkable.

Poets, authors, and philosophers through eons wrote countless words about time. One would be hard pressed to come up with fresh words that express a new thought or perspective about time.  But still, here I am trying to wrap my mind around it. 

All I know is this – it gets away. 


  1. I was going to say from the picture before you made the observation, that dang, Jordan is growing like a weed!

  2. There is nothing so precious as a boy and his dogs.

  3. I'm thinking that getting those flashes of memory are a good thing. More and more I'm reminded to slow down and enjoy the moments. They go by so quickly.

  4. That last paragraph is so true. Old folk talk about time a lot. All of us say we are 17 in out minds (if we are healthy).
    Love the picture, and I do know what you are saying, hey, and I like how you said it. I always get a kick out of your original descriptive phrases. I find myself trying to do more of it in my writing. You are a good 'burr' under a saddle, as Roy Rogers used to say.

  5. Great photo. Looks like its right out of a Lassie Movie.

  6. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I'm 36 (in my head). My body, unfortunately, is 81!!

  7. Our son towers over me and I wonder where the time went, and I wonder what happened to our little boy.

  8. They grow so fast, one moment they are our babies the next they are all grown up.

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