Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Weather walking

The threat of bad weather closed the schools early today. The college where I work closed early as well, so I headed home to work for a while.

Once finished, I decided to get some steps in before writing.  After a lap, rain began to fall, so I cut my walk short so not to get my Fitbit wet. 

A few minutes later, the rain moved off, but the high-level roar of the wind sounded like distant thunder.

After a few more laps, the skies brightened a few stops (a photographic term), and I sat on the concrete blocks that form the flowerbed around the wild black cherry tree at the barn.

During winter with the leaves on the ground, I can see for miles to the south. The clouds today were stacked on the horizon, and the upper layer looked like a sooty meringue. One moment the air felt warm as early spring, and the next it felt December like.

Tonight we spent time watching the weatherman, but we just got the all clear, and hopefully we'll get some sleep tonight. 

For the folks north of us, keep your eyes on the sky.


  1. Sometimes we have to get our steps in with some short walks here and there. Now that I'be been given the green light to walk again, I'll have to be creative to get my exercise and steps in xox ♡

  2. It sounds like the weather changes quickly in your neck of the woods.

  3. I believe we have some rain a comin.

  4. Hey There, Firstly I wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday...
    Hope you both had a special time! I still think that ground hog needs to retire... LOL I am drinking a cup of tea with a double tea bag of sleepy time tea. As it is ridiculously cold here tonight! Stay safe and keep your ears opened for all the storms rolling through that part of the country!

  5. Looking good and fit my friend. We dodged some weather today ourselves. I am trying to break our walk up in two walks, but try to get 4 miles in. I thought I had lost a couple pounds, but somehow they snuck back on.
    Good on you.
    I do imagine you guys must keep a watch on the weather, there. It looks like you have a lot of fairly level terrain!

  6. Your description of the weather over your walk is so good, I feel like I was marveling and listening there with you. Nicely written!

  7. 'the skies brightened a few stops' - I like that phrase - great words to use when you are writing about anything connected with taking photos.

    Ms Soup

  8. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Stay warm & dry, my friend!!

  9. I hope that you're safe from tornados. You're looking pretty fit these days. Keep up the good work.

  10. Seeing you in your shirtsleeves there sitting in the sun brought a smile to my face. The changing weather with up and down temps can bring some rugged weather. But my, the sun does feel good.

  11. I was wondering if they ever closed schools down South because of weather...now I know! Glad your weather is better and you got your fitbit moves in!

  12. Its currently 68 degrees and rainy here in North Carolina and snow is expected again here next week. I keep my fitbit dry but they are suppose to be waterproof.

  13. I am hoping that things will begin to normality by tomorrow. Even our area hospitals and other health care centers are closed because of our blizzard. It has been two days now.

  14. The weather can change so quickly sometimes. I enjoyed hearing about your walk so beautifully described.

  15. We actually had heavy rain and wind last wkend, a surprise for us SoCalif people. Trees blew over, etc. The Torrey Pines Farmers Insurance Golf tournament had to stop until the wind stopped. Some amazing shots.

  16. Great picture! Glad you enjoyed your walk! The weather has been strange for us this winter. Warm, then cold and no snow!


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