Tuesday, February 16, 2016

That old tired cliche rang true

I know it's a month early, but the light this morning looked like the light of spring.  The sky was the color of buttercream, and the Rosa-a-Sharon bush had seven male cardinals vying for a position on the bird feeder.

When the sun peeped over the horizon, it looked as though the rain moved off to the east for a while. 

Indeed, when lunchtime rolled around at work today, I heated my food and went out to the cobblestone courtyard and ate lunch in the warm noonday sun. The wind was chilly, but it felt more like late March instead of mid-February. 

By the time I left work at 2 p.m. clouds had moved back in, and sprinkled my windshield on the ride home.

I'd almost resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't get my steps in today, but then the clouds again parted in time for a beautiful sky at sunset.

There's a joke here in the south – if you don't like the weather, hang around a minute, it'll change. That old tired cliche rang true today.


  1. That joke also proves true with the weather guessers. WE have been looking at the forecasts of NC and they have went from BAD to not so bad by the time we got here. We were able to limp in, set up, and do it in the sun, with no snow on the drive. WE B HAPPY.

  2. It's hard to make outdoors plans with such fickle weather.
    Nice sky photo.
    Have a great mid-week.

  3. The pitchers and catchers are in camp, spring can't be far behind

  4. And to think I thought that was a Northwest joke.

    1. Anonymous6:21 PM

      I thought it was Texas!!

  5. Ice on monday and in the 60's today. Im glad I finally got a comfortable walk in this afternoon as the sun fidnt set until after 6:00pm. The weather is crazy as I see a snow flake in the forcast for next week.

  6. We have that some old cliche here too. We started the morning at 10 degrees. Tomorrow they say we may hit 50 degrees !

  7. Ahh..bless the weather! We can go up or down 20 degrees in one day. It can be crazy but also magical at times

  8. Very cute! Gorgeous pic!


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