Thursday, December 01, 2016

Happy birthday Mama

Today is the first day of December. Had my mother lived, she would have been 92 today. She died in February of 2012. 

I heard a young woman this week complain that her mother was, "Driving her crazy." I started to tell her that I would give anything if my mother was around to drive me crazy, but I figured she'd learn this lesson in time.

I hope that if your mother is still living that you tell her often how much she means to you. I know that I didn't tell my mother enough. 


  1. Hugs.
    My mother DID drive me crazy, but I am also well aware of how much I owe her.

  2. Many years ago I was complaining about my mother at work and a fellow-worker told me she was only 16 when her mother died and how lucky I was to still have a mother. That shut me up.


  3. Rick, my mom died at 86 in 2001. In the 52 years we had together as family, I'm sure we took turns driving each other crazy many times. Another term for this process: Learning. Go see "Gardening With Geo." -- there's a poem you've reminded me of and I have reposted it.

  4. My mom died several years ago but while she was living I made sure she knew how much she was loved for sure. One thing about our moms is that we'd not be here if not for them and we've got to be thankful for them.

  5. You wrote something that everyone should know. Nothing replaces mama AND I think everyone 'learns' that sooner or (sadly) later.

    Nice thoughts.

  6. Happy Birthday to your mother. I could never say that my mother drove me crazy. She was the best and I wish she was still here with me.

  7. My thoughts exactly. I wish my mother were around to "drive me crazy". You don't know what you loose until you loose it. After my mother died I felt like a leaf in the air, not belonging to the tree, and not yet down on the earth; just carried by the wind.

  8. Can we ever tell anyone that we love them enough times? My mother never "drove me crazy". For some reason I did not go through that phase with either of my parents.

  9. My mother is 92 and was just diagnosed with brain cancer. I see her every day, knowing her days are now limited.

  10. Had you told her every hour of the day that you love her, it would still feel like it was not enough. I still have my mother. I know I don't tell her enough either but As a mother myself, we know.

  11. I'm sure your mother knew you loved her and appreciated her. All she had to do was look at you. My mother was the "difficult" kind, but I miss her.


  12. Some mothers are awesome, some are not, I have an awesome mum she had an awesome mum but we know some who are not and who are in fact terrible mothers

  13. Such a beautiful woman! I am sure your mom knows how much you love her!!


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