Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pure Joy

One of the main reasons I love to be around kids is that it gives me a chance to be in the presence of pure joy.

Our great nephew Jordan loves to play video games, but if give the chance, he will toss his iPad and opt for experience. Whether it's a walk in the woods, go on poop patrol in the backyard with a shovel (I know I couldn't believe it either), or roast s'mores over a firepit.

The governor lifted the burn ban after a week of rain earlier in the month so we've been waiting for a chance to light up the firepit.  This evening gave us the excuse.

Jordan's mom got off work early and they came over at dusk. I built the fire in the pit earlier so when he got there he was pumped.

He got my flashlight and teased our new rescue Hook with the beam. Ol' Hook is not the smartest tool in the elevator so he chases the beam of a flashlight like a cat.

The dog ran around the yard and we all laughed until our ribs hurt.

Then Jilda went inside for the s'mores fixing's. I snapped the picture below as Jordan roasted his marshmallow.

You can tell by the look on his face that he enJOYed the experience.

If you haven't had roasted a s'more with a child in a while, I suggest that you do one soon. You'll see what I mean.


  1. I love a fire pit, smores not so much, just like the toasted marshmallows.

  2. Firepits and smores are both alien to me. Fortunately joy is not.

  3. We used to have fires in the fire pit when the kids were younger, mostly in the fall. We roasted marshmallow and hot dog on a stick. Yumm. I haven't done that in years. We smelled smoked by the time we went home.

    You're making sweet memories for Jordan.
    Huhs, Julia

  4. Oops, it should read Hugs,

  5. I am blessed with lots of grandchildren in my life and will agree they are pure joy! S'mores are great too!

  6. You do not experience that kind of joy every day. The kind that makes one feel good all over (more than anywhere else) LOL Sherry comments on a picture she received over the holidays. One of GGdaughter Stella laughing, he comments would echo your post!

  7. What an awesome expression on Jordan's face. :)
    Never have I ever tasted a s'more ... yet!

  8. My son likes to build a fire in his fire pit too. When any of the other kids in the family visit they look forward to the fire. One of my grandsons likes to wait until the end and puts the fire out in his own unique way.

  9. I wish I had a fire pit and smores then I too would see pure joy.
    Sadly, the kids in my family would opt for the ipad. They are no fun.

  10. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Jordan is an awesome kid--& you two are an awesome great uncle & aunt!!

  11. What a great way to spend an evening which I would do with snow all around me. Jordan knows what life is about for sure.

  12. Look at that sweet smile! You know we love to hang out at the fire pit and do the smore thing but usually not this time of year! Except on Monday it was 68de here, I kid you not! Tonight snow is moving in and cooler temps. I bet you and Jilda are the most beloved Uncle and Aunt around. You know how to enjoy life!

  13. Now I want toasted marshmallows.


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