Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The first time

I know when I posted my column Monday night and said that we'd be putting our Christmas tree up this past weekend, you may have gotten the impression that we were putting our tree up, but you would have been wrong. 

We actually planned to pick up the tree Sunday, but I Googled the business before we left and discovered the tree farm was closed on Sunday.  No problem,  I thought, we'll go on Wednesday.

This morning we headed out shortly after 9 a.m. and drove the 20 or so miles. The parking lot was almost empty. In years past we've gone through the week, and it was hard finding a place to park. 

"This is not a good sign," I thought. 

As we wandered across the fields looking for a suitable tree, we could tell the drought had taken its toll on the trees. Apparently, the owners lost a lot of trees. With the lack of rain and the water restrictions, the trees suffered.

The tree in the picture below would have been OK, but it wasn't tall enough, and the trunk was bowed We decided to after a lot of soul-searching that we would buy an artificial tree this year.

It's the first time since we've been married that we haven't had a live tree. 

We'll use it this year inside the house and next year if the weather is good and the trees at the farm mature as they normally do, we'll get another live tree and move this artificial tree to the side porch.

I just hope our little farm family had drought insurance. If not, this will be a thin Christmas for them.


  1. Too bad about the tree farm loosing a lot of trees because of the drought. I still use the old artificial tree I got over 20 years ago and it is still in pretty good shape. I hadn't realizer how long I had it until now. At least, you'll have a Christmas tree.

  2. Silly, but since I was a child, I can't help grieving a little for those un-chosen trees, leaning in a forlorn fashion against the 7/11.

    We've had a artificial tree for a decade now. The last tree's 'leavings' killed our vacuum cleaner.

  3. I am sorry. And hope that the farm recovers.

  4. That's a bad drought if even the tree farms were damaged. Hope they recover and you have your real tree next year.

  5. I decided to get an artificial tree a few ago after insisting on a real tree before that. I live on a fixed income and the trees have gotten to be so expensive. So I settled on the one-time payment for a tree that I will have the rest of my life. I miss the wonderful smell every year.

  6. Times change and we have to change with them. Your part of the country was really hit hard with the drought. So sad about the trees. I'm sure your tree will be beautiful none the less.

  7. We dislike drought, but those who depend on the water for their livelihood are truly HURT not just 'put-out' as mama would say. I assume it will take a long time for growing trees to recover. Anyway love the picture, and YEP (with Emma) I always loved the smell of that cedar at Christmas.

  8. I've heard it said, "There s a first time for everything!" I know you guys will get 'that smell' om the house somehow (anyway).

  9. I was raised with real Christmas trees but several years ago we broke down and purchased an artificial tree.

  10. Anonymous12:12 PM

    I once bought what I felt was a beautiful artificial tree & my sons returned it!!

  11. Though real trees are more festive and smell so good, the artificial trees arent so bad. Its good to have one during situations like this. People are having bug problems from the real trees around here this year. Its hit the news.

  12. I can't imagine having a real tree, never happened, never will happen, hell this year I don't have any tree up I just have had trouble getting into the Christmas spirit

  13. I love a real tree. I am almost finished decorating the one we bought. I'm sorry about the tree farm. I hope they can afford to stay open and hopefully the drought will end.


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