Friday, December 16, 2016

LIkin' this lichen

I woke up chipper this morning which was unexpected. I normally like my coffee so hot it removes enamel from my teeth and takes a little hair from my tongue, but my instructions were to, "Let it cool." My spouse is not one of those people who glances at the instructions and then only looks at them in detail when something goes south. She actually reads them and quizzes doctors and nurses to ensure she understands them correctly.

You wouldn't believe how bossy she can be when I try to slide something past her. So when my coffee arrived this morning, there were a couple ice cubes tinkling against the edge of the cup to get it one degree above tepid. 

Last night was downright chilly so we waited until the sun came out before walking this morning. I only made one lap, but it felt good to stretch my legs. I'll have to double up this weekend to bring my average number of steps up so that I meet my weekly goal.

Behind the barn, the morning light played on the side of the old Ford truck parked there. Gray patches of lichen that resembles sand dollars are growing on the side of the door. The old workhorse hasn't been cranked in years, but it belonged to my father-in-law and we can bear to get rid of it. One day nature will get rid of it for us, but the journey back to the earth is an interesting one.

I'ma liken this lichen.


  1. Now Rick, keep on listening to Jilda 'cause you have some more healing to do. Good to hear you are up and about today. I love your photo of the lichen on the blue of the old truck.

  2. Interesting growth on that old car. Is it restorable?

  3. I like lichen too.


  4. You gotta love someone who will allow and old truck to just fade away!
    Glad you are feeling well. But you must admit it is good to have a BOSS who can follow directions (for you).

  5. Is it an Alabama law to have an old truck somewhere on the property?

  6. Lichen is incredibly beautiful isn't it? I often stop to photograph it, and people look at me as if I am crazy.
    Glad that you are doing well.

  7. Anonymous11:34 PM

    I'm glad that you're recovering so nicely; listen to Dr. Jilda!!

  8. I like the lichen too. And as you already know Jilda knows best.

  9. Liking your lichen. Amazing that lichen will grow anywhere it can attach itself to.
    Speedy recovery.

  10. I have always likened it to clouds :) everyone sees a different shape

  11. It's a good thing one of your obeys rules. You'd go to hell in a handbag if it weren't for Jilda.


  12. Ha, NOBODY is going to give you sympathy for having to put up with a bossy nurse (who has your best interests at heart)!
    But it sounds like you have some good medicine if you can like a lichen growing on an old truck, lol! I think they look much better on trees.
    I remember taking a guided tour somewhere in the mountains of NC and the ranger saying a lichen is where algae and a fungus took a likin' to one another. I thought that was a cute way to remember what a lichen is.
    Hope you have a speedy recovery and hope you have a chance to eat some pecan pie once you're good and well.

  13. I like a bloody hot bath, the hotter the better just thought you needed to know this


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