Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kicks in the sticks

This is a short week for me so I had to put in extra hours these last two days. I'm taking off Thursday. I have oral surgery scheduled for 8:45 a.m. and it's impossible to express just how excited I am. Just thinking about extractions, bone grafts, and implants make me giddy. It should be a day to remember.

At any rate, it was dusk when I got home this evening and too late to walk. I'll have to make up for it tomorrow. 

The downside to darkness is that I don't have a picture for tonight. The upside is – I store my pictures on Google Photo. I paged back through the years until I found one taken in December of 2008. I remember the day I took this photo. Like today, the sky was overcast and the temperature was colder than usual. Sparrows were on the banister of the back deck munching at the birdseed buffet that we leave there for them each day.

In the picture below, it looks almost as if they are posing for me. "Smile Chippy, the nice feeder man is taking our picture." The sparrow on the right chirps, "Does this seed make me look fat?"

Watching the birds is how we get our kicks here in the sticks.


  1. Give me a kick in the sticks any day! It's peaceful, fun and interesting and no traffic jams. Good luck with your oral surgery tomorrow. I'm not a fan of the dentist but it's a necessary evil. Hope you didn't have to sell the farm to get it all done! Yikes, that stuff is costly.

  2. The sparrows are posing for you!

  3. Our birds look so heavy, I'm surprised they can still fly. I am going to look at google photos

  4. Oral surgery is just below eating glass on my list of least favorite things to do. Hope it is successful and painless, or you get some good meds.

  5. Great photo to bring forward in time Rick. Hope your mouth is frozen and that you can have music or something to help distract your brain. Yuck on oral surgery but so much better techniques than 35 years ago.

  6. Good luck with the oral surgery. I am wincing in sympathy.
    And watch the birds from our sticks too. Feathered enchantment.

  7. Feeding birds is one of my little joy. They are so fun to watch.
    Hope everything goes well with the oral surgery. The dentists needs your money to pay for their Christmas Holidays.

  8. I love bird watching. I have two cardinals that come to the window when the kitchen light comes on in the mornings. They love stale bread.

  9. Hopefully your surgery won't be to painful. Bird watching is a favorite thing to do here too.

  10. Yes, the dark do change things. Here we don't have woods/sticks to walk in, but miles of sidewalk and most of the time very little traffic. There are time we can walk two miles and see two cars. WE leave and it is day light and most times remember to put a flash light in a pocket, it is dark when we return.

    I love the picture....

  11. I'm sorry you need oral surgery. I cringe for you. Good luck with it. The birds are a good ending.

  12. Oral surgery--always funny. If you have extra pain pills, send them my way. My back hurts like a bitch.


  13. Gotta get your kicks where you can.

  14. LOL-ing the chicks' commentary. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Heal quickly, before Christmas dinner!


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