Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Winter SolsticeI sh

Mother Earth turns a page today. The Winter Solstice slipped in early this morning and the days will begin to get a little longer.

Today was my last day at work until after the first of the year. I plan to rest and start my annual process of considering goals for the new year.  After my goals, I'll do a vision board with Jilda which is a constant visual reminder to reach for those meaningful things in our lives.

The last few weeks in each year is a time of reflection, contemplation, and in a sense, renewal.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Winter Solstice.
This picture is from December 2013


  1. Summer Solstice here. And I am glad to think that (eventually) the days will cool.
    Enjoy your time of renewal. A gift.

  2. Happy winter ! Enjoy your time off !

  3. Such a beautiful Winter (Christmas Card) picture, so peaceful. The beauty of snow (to me) is the quietness it brings.
    I do like the orderliness of the life you guys live. I like the idea of a vision board....

  4. You must be feeling better. That is good news.

  5. Happy Winter Rick and Jilda! Enjoy your time off and reflect on the days ahead.

  6. I hope you can sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday. Take care.

  7. Anonymous2:32 PM

    12/21 is my oldest son's birthday!!

  8. We had a chilly winter solstice, but it's warming up again. We should be back to air conditioning weather by Christmas Day.


  9. No winter solstice here for me as it is the middle of summer

  10. Happy Winter Solstice! Gorgeous photo!


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