Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Nice List

At the risk of sounding like a big whiney baby, I will forego the health update tonight. The college tomorrow was a ghost town today. All the students have finished finals and are home for the holidays until after the first of the year.

Tomorrow it will be even worse because it's the last day of the year and most of the staff have enough hours built up they can leave early. Since I'm part time hourly, I'll need to get my hours in if I want a paycheck but I'll probably log in and do training from home rather than hang around and make the maintenance people stay just to lock up when I leave.

Tonight, Jilda is making chicken and dumplings. I'll have to cut my chicken so small that I can swallow without having to chew, but her C&D's are incredible and I don't remember ever looking forward to a meal more.

I"ve got Christmas music gently playing and the tree is the only source of light in the living room. 

I shot the picture below in 2013, but it works for this post. Christmas is five days away. I hope Santa has you on the Nice List.


  1. While my dentist-new-crown experience does in no way equal your surgery, the food issue was bad yesterday. I watched Cake Wars while in the dentist recliner and I ate cake when I got home. Only thing I could eat without pain. Hope you grow better every day.

  2. Sorry about your recovery pain but your home sounds comfy and warm so staying home tomorrow sounds like a winner! Enjoy that yummy dinner as much as you can!

  3. Bad timing my friend!

  4. Oh man! Chicken and dumplings sound so good. My mother made the best I ever had.

  5. I hope the chicken and dumplings lives up to your expectations - by which I mean you CAN cut it up small enough.
    Love that photo.

  6. Nice Christmas-sy picture. Hold the left over chicken and dumplings for me, my most favor-tist meal.
    Hope you can enjoy it......... I know just holding a dumpling in your mouth until it melts will be supercalifragilistic etc...
    The best in the recovering!!!!

  7. Santa always treats me better than I deserve. Hope your mouth is feeling better.

  8. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Five days away? When is YOUR Christmas, Rick?

  9. I hope I am on Santa's nice list too, I do try to be nice


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