Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Heavenly Bamboo

It was warm enough to sit on the back deck this morning as the coffee brewed. Ol' Hook, our latest rescue dog, makes every move I make so when he saw me heading outside, he was out the doggie door like a shot.

As I sat on the back steps, a fine mist on a breeze out of the west coated my face. I stayed out for a few minutes watching dawn-clouds.

Ol' Hook barked at the solar lights around the flowerbeds. He's fascinated with lights. I watched him until I heard the coffee maker beep.

The clouds burned off after lunch and the sky was brilliant blue as we walked. The light on the Heavenly Bamboo (Nadina) was so bright that it caused the photograph to "wash out."  Using Photoshop filters, I managed to get a decent picture, but it's nothing like the pictures I took with my eyes.

I've worked cleaning up my end-of-year projects and planning for things I want to do next year.  I know many people think I'm goofy for planning. My record is questionable, but it's part of my process.

I hope today has been a good one for you.


  1. Heavenly Bamboo, I never knew the word/bush, Nadina, until I married Sherry. I am assuming that means 'heavenly Bamboo', she gonna be delighted when she reads this. I seem to always enjoy your 'shots'.

  2. And to think I had never heard Nandina given that much more poetic name. Thank you.
    I find that the photographs we take with our eyes and store in our hearts are often more vivid.

  3. I hope you remember to plan the dental work very carefully in 2017....


  4. That picture is a bit of eye candy for sure. I think it is important to make plans, but also to remember they might be subject to change. Being flexible has become my middle name.

  5. I like this picture a lot. I had no idea about the name and I like it:) planning is always good in my book.

  6. Cameras can never capture the beauty our eyes are actually seeing. Its rather dissapointing to capture such a sight.
    However, you always get great shots.

  7. I'm usually a planner but right now I don't have much on my planning list. Taking it one day at a time. I guess that's my plan.


  8. I envy you and Norma for your year long planning. It is an organized way of keeping life under control.

  9. Rick I don't think it is goofy to plan at all... I think it is a great and smart move xox

  10. I think the end of the year/beginning of the next is a great time to reflect, evaluate, and plan. Planning is definitely a worthwhile endeavor in my book.

  11. Oh everyone should have a plan! I know I always have plans..I may not always complete them but when a plan does come together it makes me smile! My son who lives in Portland, Ore has huge bamboo plants that surround their property. Actually the plants belong to the neighbors but that stuff grows like wildfire and your pic looks as beautiful as firelight! Have a good rest of this week.

  12. Anonymous11:03 AM

    My daughter Nameless says you absolutely must have a plan. It's not necessary that you follow it, but you MUST have one!!

  13. A lovely photo just saying


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