Sunday, December 04, 2016

Snow's a comin'

Last week it was so hot here that I contemplated walking naked. I apologize for that visual folks I hope you can forget it and forgive me for using it, but I needed contrast because next weekend the weatherman says we could have snow! Jilda yipped with glee when she saw the forecast because that's when we're going to get our Christmas tree.

A few years ago as we walked the hills and hollows of Pine Hill Farms looking for our Christmas tree, snowflakes began to fall. As we stepped into the gift shop to pay, the aroma of hot apple cider greeted us. We sipped tea as we browsed and watched the snow falling out the windows.

The truck had a light dusting on the rails of the bed as we loaded the tree but it was gone by the time we pulled into our driveway.

In the spirit of that forecast, I'm posting a picture from that same year. I hope you all have had a remarkable weekend.


  1. How lovely.
    I hope it comes to pass.

  2. Snow on an evergreen, a cute dog and a beautiful wife, pictures don't get any better than that.

  3. Anonymous2:33 AM

    A beautiful picture of a beautiful wife!!

  4. What a wonderful picture ! We had the promise of a wintry mix here last night, rain and snow but the ground is delightfully bare this morning. If there was snow I didn't see it. Light dustings are pretty but anymore than that is work for me to do...shoveling is not my favorite thing in the world. Ha !

  5. The thought of you hiking 'nekked' 'skeers' me. but Joeh's comment above is in agreement with my other thoughts. So I reckon you are redeemed! (Hope the snow materializes)

  6. Such a lovely picture.

  7. Does this mean you are finally going to have some normal weather? I certainly hope so.

  8. That is a beautiful memory and nothing says Christmas like a snowfall. One Christmas, just a few years back, I went with my mom to the pretty town on Niagara On The Lake. The main drag, as we call it, was all decked out, the town had Christmas music playing as we both walked in the snow smelling the wonderful smells of Christmas

  9. This is sweet. Sounds just like a Hallmark movie......Except for the naked part.

  10. Last week it was so hot here that sweat was dripping off my body, hell last night I woke up drenched in sweat yes again today it is cool and wet


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