Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Afraid of thunder


Last night after midnight, I knew that storms were moving in because our collie Caillou tried to get in bed with us.  He never does that unless there is thunder in the distance. If he was a small dog I might let him up, but he weighs more than Jilda. 

Scooting to the edge of the bed, I reached my hand from under the cover and petted him. He calmed some but when lightning began to strobe outside our window, I moved him to his safe place which is my bathroom. I turned on the exhaust fan which drowns out external noises. He seemed appreciative when I closed the door.

We've had him eight years now. He's getting weak in his hindquarters. When he lays down on his bed at night, it's more of a standing drop. I can hear him grunt each time he does it. 

I'm taking him to the vet to get some meds that will help for a while but Jilda's mom and dad had a collie too. He experienced the same issues as he aged. 

This morning I let him out of the bathroom before I went in to make the coffee. While it brewed, we stepped out on the deck to get a real-time weather report. A gentle mist was falling. Soon, his coat was covered in tiny droplets. He doesn't mind the mist and he loves cold weather. He stood at the edge of the deck looking toward the horizon. I'm not sure what he sees down towards the barn, but apparently, it bears watching. 

I shot this picture of Caillou a few years back.


  1. He sees or hears something for sure.

  2. You dog is beautiful and picture worthy for sure.

  3. Poor Caillou, It looks like he may have some arthritis. I hope that the vet can give some meds to help. Cold is not very good for arthritis though, it's not good for me, that I know.
    A lovely photo of Caillou.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. We have the same fear of thunder issue with our dog Dixie, she is a lot smaller than your Caillou, it is something else the sounds they hear and how they know storms are coming so soon. Caillou is a beautiful dog Rick.

  5. Yes the collie is a beautiful dog. If I remember right the collie is the first full blooded dog I had ever seen except the beagle. From the movie Lassie I loved the collie.

  6. He is beautiful! Knowing me...I would let him sleep in our bed but my hubby would not and would do what you did. It sounds like he has arthritis and when our Katie got arthritic, we had her on meloxacam. I probably spelled that wrong but it helped Katie quite a bit...also fish oil!

  7. I grew up with Collies. We had two or three in my younger years. My brother still owns one. It’s like a family thing I guess. They are beautiful and smart and great with kids. Just like Lassie. Haha.
    I think its cool how some dogs can tell when a storm is coming. And I wonder what makes them afraid? It tells me that being afraid of storms is natural.

  8. Lovely Caillou! Our Portia, a lab/border collie mix, is worse than Caillou. Dr. said there were three signs to watch for: loss of sight and hearing, crippled hips and disability, and then stop eating. She has 1 and 2 checked off.

    Hard tolose a pet who has become a friend and part of the family.


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